Robots Get Me Off.


Fucking Machines went live for a couple hours today with your’s truly, and it was the epitome of exhibitionism… and cum loads of fun! I got to work it out on three different set-ups with three different dildoes, only to produce three mind-numbing orgasms. I’m really looking forward to Part II of the shoot (sometime in late January) because Tomcat made it so awesomely fun and easy.

I’ve met so many famous porn people this week! And just so many sweet, sexy little Kink models. I could gush for hours about how nice and supportive everyone has been, and how welcome I feel at the Armory, and how much I love my job! Porn has got to be the best thing I’ve done for myself yet.

I’m heading home from my shoot now, only to go sit on a block of ice with a beer in my hand.


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2 thoughts on “Robots Get Me Off.

  1. cliff says:

    are you going to do any more bdsm or gb at kink any time soon

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