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I Take Dick, Not Your Bullshit Homey.

Popped into Xbiz at the last minute this last week. I was so incredibly happy to see my Kinks, and two of my most favorites at that, Kedra and Ed!


(Kedra is the very reason I was standing there that night — She found me <3)

Also got to be sandwiched between two hot dudes that have simultaneously banged me…




Anyhow, I’ve been up to my usual nasty shit and having lots of anal sex. After the Brazzers shoot I then shot for Evil Angel, did this crazy, big dick, gaping scene that was very fun. I love it when chemistry is good on set, but then again there’s not a lot of people that I don’t get along with. Or try to, at least. But not yesterday!

Yesterday can kiss my fat booty. I was supposed to shoot for… somebody… and the director was misinformed, then immediately disrespectful to me. I had just gotten my hair and make-up done for this very much anticipated boy/girl/girl scene, and director dude just overstepped his boundaries. I can’t really go into details, except to say that no one talks to me like that and then gets to shoot me. I don’t give a fuck how much you’re paying me. I will gladly take the day off to rest over some shit like that. And that’s exactly what I did πŸ™‚ I posted up at The Hollywood Way to watch the 49ers kick some ass on a gorgeous SF day, sufficiently stuffing my face with a pulled pork sandwich and booze.

I’m happy to be going back to Josh’s place for another shoot tonight. The last one I did was for the Fucked Hard 18 site, but I’m not sure which this one’s gonna be for. Don’t care. Just do me, please. But that shoot is up already! Go to that link and click on “see all girls” or whatever… add lube, and enjoy πŸ™‚


Honk if You Love Butt Sex. And Nudes.

Let’s see… I left off after my fun anal day… The day after that was honestly a secret dream come true. I’ve been perving and watching internet porn since I was about 15. I loved the kinky shit then too, but the first site I ever paid for porn was for this one “massage site”… and I was fucking one of those fucking girls getting fucked! The handsome boy was so sweet and rough. I loved every second of it. Hey, the more you like the sex the better your scenes will come out 100% of the time. I am constantly getting told by director’s to remember where to look and where to put my ass, but I’m just dripping away and losing my mind because I’m getting banged, ha. I won’t have any of the pictures until tomorrow so your boners will have to wait on that one.

BUT I DIIIIIID get “banged in the butt” by James Deen (as he likes to say). We shot for Brazzers’ Big Wet Butts. My big butt got wet by the pool. Yeah! In January. It was so cold and SO hot. The banging was bangin’. And I looked like a dirty little slut bag whore. πŸ™‚

My personal favorite.





Banging Mark Wood.

I got royal ass treatment from Mark Wood yesterday at his house. Yes, for a shoot… sicko, he’s married to the finest latina lady I’ve ever met! Francesca Le filmed the scenes and took all the stills, then took me out to dinner and drove me all the way back to my room. They were so easy to work for, very natural and just the right amount of kinky! We all had a genuinely great time πŸ™‚ I adore them. This is their pup, Rocky…


And this is Francesca licking my asshole… ❀


This will be a released DVD kind of thing, I think sometime around April. I hope you enjoy it thoroughly, because I ain’t watching it! Seriously. I cannot watch my own porn. I just drive myself nuts and find my own sex noises terribly annoying.


Sexy Shenanigans.

I forgot to get my goddamn nails done before my picture session yesterday. Idiot. I guess there would be something wrong if people were looking at my nails instead of my naked ass, so hopefully they won’t notice. Damn, now you’ll notice.

The pictures came out great and the whole day was fun. Girl #1 took forever in make-up, which allowed me to chill by the pool with the photographer, Steve, and handsome male model, ?, while we drank some beers — my comfort zone, believe it or not. I love this porn stuff, but I’m not trying to be an attention whore diva. Just trying to fuck hot dudes and look good while I’m doing it… And get paid. And perved on. Annnd beaten up a little.

I’m on my way to the valley to shoot for the fucking lovely Miss Francesca Le. I’m pretty sure she’s gonna have her hubby play with my tush. Dopesauce. Even awesomer: I’m giving someone the best blowjob of their life tomorrow then doing a live solo cam show, my favorite. I miss Kink! Can you hear me Armory family?! I miss you! Can’t wait to be back and shooting for them again. I’ve got FM, part 2; a Hogtied feature shoot; and Princess Donna’s Public Disgrace birthday party all in January. Boom! This is all working out for my New Year’s resolution, which is to fuck like crazy.