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My White Booty, and a Side Of Salsa.

I have about a half hour before I get my ass beat. I’m waiting around at the Armory before my Hogtied shoot, so I figured I’d blahg. (Why don’t they call it a blahg!?)

A couple days ago, I went down to San Jose to do a photo shoot with Barrio Girls magazine. They feature naked girls on lowriders, bikes, and Mexican such a such. I found it as a good opportunity to represent white girl booty everywhere! Whooty woot! (Whooty = white girl + booty)

Alfonso creeping in the back... and my precious holes!

The car was cold on the booty!

Its hard to be sexy when you're freezing.

Started to get horny at this point...

Backseat lovin'.

Mmk, yeah back to today… Hogtied. Thursday: Hogtied feature shoot with James Deen and all-star vet, Ava Devine. Next Tuesday: Sex and Submission. Next Thursday: PUBLIC DISGRACE for Donna’s birthday party! I need to dedicate a whole blog to just the mental processes on that one, before and after, haha…

The more pictures I have, the less eloquent I am. I get lazy and just let my pussy do the talking. Just awful.

My Privates Are Not So Private Anymore!

These first two are from the Elegant Angel shoot for Cuties 3. I had such a good time on this shoot! (Remember the after-pic of me and Mr. Pete?) *Spoiler Alert* I cum a lot in this scene… I love buttsex!

And these are the Amateur Allure photos, my absolute favorite. Ray, @xrayvideo, knows what he’s doing; he’s the ultimate professional.

...I'll take my clothes off soon, keep going...


Mmm I guess that’s it. Ok. Goodnight!



Le Sigh. In a Good Way.

Ah, I’m home! What a crazy 2 weeks of filming and sexing… Very successful. (Don’t worry, I have pictures for proof of fun.)

I got to make porn with some of the companies I personally admire; Wicked, Reality Kings, Penthouse, New Sensations, Amature Allure, Elegant Angel, Erotic Network… Hot diggity damn. Every set was a fucking hoot. I’ll go in order…

Day 1: Wicked Pictures

Ryan Mclane ❤

Day 2: Reality Kings

Day 3: Elegant Angel

I love the one where I'm getting cummed on.

Day 4: Penthouse

Day 5: Erotic Network

Day 6: New Sensations. This is the only picture I have, albeit creepy.

Day 7: Philly Butt Sluts

And ‘Day 8’ was Amature Allure, and I’ll be getting those pictures in a couple days to share with you.

Have I said how much I love my job?!



A Strep Induced Strip.

‘Twas the night before my shoot and all through the house… was my sweaty ass crawling around naked, whining about my fever and chills. What the hell, man. I’m only here for two weeks. Can’t be cancelling shit. I mean, getting sick and feeling terrible. 😦 Anyhow, I’ve been in bed for just over two days now, only to wake up this morning feeling much better. Like “take me and do what you will with me” better. I’m also very horny. The last shoot I had — I could jerk to those memories for months — was Thurs for Elegant Angel, a film titled Cuties 3. I’m pretty sure I’m the only anal Cutie in the movie and I got to bang Mr. Pete, my favorite cock.


On a side note, I did get all doped up to see Chronicle last night… So good. I’m not sure when I turned into a movie freak, but I was super impressed by the reality of the story aside from the camera stuffs. Plus, I love super power shit.

Penthouse tomorrow 🙂


Wicked Retahded.

Wicked retahded how awesome Wicked is. Nothing puts me in the mood more than good people, food, sex, and money. ALL AT THE SAME TIME THOUGH. Homey, shit’s for real. I’m bragging. We shot scenes for a movie today, “Daddy Does the Babysitter”. Believe it or not, my young ass wasn’t a babysitter. I was the boss’ daughter, “Daddy’s” little fucking whore. The pool guy didn’t show up… so I fucked one of his business associates out of pure boredom. Like a boss.

I failed on the taking of the entertaining pictures today. I know that’s what you’re here for anyway. I didn’t get any good shots of me and handsome dude, or anything really. Well there’s this…

@thelisasloane after she did me in the face


I’ll make it up to you tomorrow, whoever you are. You’re in for a real treat if you like my butthole and all of it’s talents.


Calm Before the Spermy Storm.

I do this. I’m really good about writing and posting, but sometimes I get incredibly lazy. And even more masturbatory. Since I’ve been home from LA, I’ve been web camming back at Kink Live very successfully. I missed those perverts — they’re just so good to me. And I’m so good to me. In the diddling dept. Here are some fun fan pics from my shows, courtesy of Vince @Tattoofreak87.

Mmm plasticy sheets. It gets MESSY.

I'm really just a fucking brat

Me so hungie.

This is my go-to technique.

That’s what I do… I was supposed to have 3 Kink shoots as soon as I got home, but they have been rescheduled for Feb/March. They really keep you on your toes around the Armory. God love them. I’m leaving for LA tomorrow! Tons of shoots (Reality Kings, Wicked Pics., Elegant Angel, etc.), tons of booty banging.