Remy Update

I have been getting a lot of anticipated questions since I finished my first level of EMS training in January. My agency, fans, and my closest friends all congratulated me on my first out of three “graduations” on Twitter because they are all fucking awesome, but it stirred up a lot of curiosity, as did my Instagram post — 1) “Are you retired?”; 2) “Will you still be on social media when you are done?”; 3) “Are you going to have trouble getting into the medical field with your past career?”… Nearly. Yes. And maybe. Allow me to elaborate…

1) I haven’t shot since school took over my life about a year ago, but I say nearly retired because I am still currently offering my private Snapchat account to anyone who wishes to subscribe/see me run around my house naked with a bunch of my hot friends & boyfriend/interact with me on private messages, etc. You can subscribe to my private XXX Snapchat at I plan to continue Snapchatting throughout my transition. And if you’re not into paying for porn & just want some memorabilia, shop my online store at Don’t fret. I ain’t gone yet!

2) When I am finished with this round of school to the Paramedic level in about a year (*ahem* your girl already has a BS in Cellular/Molecular Biology), at that time I will be leaving my Remy social media at peace. I plan on creating other ways for you to find me, share things with me, so we can stay connected with each other — and that’s why I say “yes/sort of”! I love Twitter and Snapchat the most, the interactions are just better. So even if I am not being a “typical XXX girl” online once my new career has started, you best believe I’ll still be a regular lady, tweeting & Instagramming like the rest of em! I will be creating new accounts for myself and I won’t say goodbye without letting you guys know what they are. Promise.

3) Porn is hard to transition out of. Period. But I have yet to meet someone who discourages me from wanting to save lives. It’s not about where you’ve been, it’s about where you’re going. 

This world is still, and I fear will always be, a bit close-minded when it comes to XXX women having any substance, or other things going on in our lives, or dreams and aspirations of our own. Yes, we have had sex on camera and have gotten paid for it… but goddamn does that take courage and confidence like a mother fucker. Seriously… You go get naked in front of a camera and tell me how comfortable you feel. Honestly. It takes incredible audacity and spirit. (So think twice next time you slut shame a girl, just saying.)

I got into porn after college, to explore myself and find what I like sexually, not because I was a dumb, pretty girl looking for easy money or porn-fame. Pornstars get pinned into that stereotype too much, but that doesn’t mean every woman fits it. More importantly, who would EVER discourage a human being to NOT WANT to save another human’s life, regardless if they have shot porn or not? I have yet to meet that person in my walks of life. I’ve opened up to quite a few EMS friends of mine that have been nothing but encouraging and are happy to help me through this transition.

I love this randomly-full, free-flowing life I have built for myself. Life is far too short to forget that happiness is a choice, not a blessing. Do anything you want. Be everything you want. So long as you’re giving it your best self. 

Much love and thank you to everyone for your support. XOXO

48 thoughts on “Remy Update

  1. Kevin Terrell says:

    Thanks much for the update. I was curious to know if you were transitioning out of the XXX industry because I knew about the EMS stuff. Best of wishes to you. I think you’re pretty awesome and a very strong person.

  2. JugglinGsoul says:

    Sounds like a plan 👍 btw what is EMS? hopefully everything goes as you anticipated

  3. Kori Caldwll says:

    Damn warrior priestess. You are unbelievably strong, as a woman with your profession. I found out about you, I would say bout 2 years ago and fell in love immediately with your performances, the intimacy honestly is what just really threw you over the top for me, and I’ve been loving you every since. I’m also a fan on both your Twitter and Snapchat, and it was one of the best decisions to make. Your mind, life, attitude, and ambitious is completely awe-inspiring. To feel that much closer to the Remy outside of the set was absolutely worthwhile. You are a one in a million talent, lover, and human being in general and I’m still clingy to the hope I get to meet and time with you right now. For now I’ll just keep tossing and grinding this RemyOG, and plan a few trips to a few conventions to see if I can prep a signage lol. Keep being amazing Remy and I look forward to following where your future ends up. Never quit love. Always persevere

  4. Jordan Humphrey says:

    You are by far the coolest person I know of! I admire that you go after something you want and don’t let anything stand in the way of that. I hope you always stay true to you, boo! Good luck with your new journey I wish you the best of luck!

  5. Dean says:

    I wish you luck on your career outside the xxx life, because you need no luck with the xxx career 😉 you’re a knock out through and through. I hope that the world changes to the point where women using the assets they are endowed with, or bust their asses for, in order to fund their journey through school. Personally, I feel that many of the girls who take that route do all of the charitable things along with the academic requirements, and just because they’ve been filmed doing something everyone does, they’re blacklisted. It’s a shame really, because the xxx stars bring some company and relief to many lonely people, albeit it’s often at a price for the privilege. That’s more than most other people can say.

  6. nickydimes says:

    Wow! I love this.

    Athough I don’t know you personally, I wish you all the best, Remy. (I know you haven’t retired yet!) But the world is your oyster.

    I used to be one of those people who were close minded when it came to porn stars but my perspective has changed SO much in the past couple of years when I asked myself – why is there so much stigma in porn and why does everyone want to crucify pornstars? And why do I feel view these girls in a terrible way while at the same time I’m using their work for my own pleasure? So I actually went out of my way and I started researching and reading about the industry and following adult actresses on social media like yourself. I realised porn stars were still humans and they have feelings. And that some had aspirations and dreams and have depth and substance… I’m actually convinced that’s a commodity in this world of XXX entertainment.

    People find it strange that I know “so much about porn” but I find it strange that they find it strange. But the lack of awareness and cynicalism people have stirs up my emotions and I just want to educate them, which I do and it’s thanks to people like you, I can say well this is proof that all the misconceptions you have about porn stars are… Well misconceptions.

    I was having dinner with a friend last night and I was like, “There’s girls who go out on the prowl, they’ll get wasted, go home with a guy, probably suck their dick and fuck ’em. Nobody thinks there’s anything wrong with that and they’ll still get hired. Yet we have an actress here who’ll suck and fuck a guy but everybody is slut shaming her. The only difference is there’s cameras and money involved in porn.”

    Anyway, enough of me rambling on. This was such a great and insightful post. Thank you for sharing!!

    • TOM HARDMAN says:


  7. gregoryml says:

    Hope it all works out for you, and wishing you every success in all you do. I’ve been a big fan of all your persona from the outset of your career, so thanks for the update.

  8. Mario Centorcelli says:

    Congratulations on everything!

  9. totoro9 says:

    You are so cool! You inspire us to do what makes us happy.

  10. Jo sad says:

    Good luck with everything. And as with everything there will be haters. Ignore them and keep pushing. Its always awesome to see people achieving their goals and dreams.

  11. Kevin says:

    Good for you Remy! Been a big fan of yours for a few years now. First obviously in porn which u r amazing but now I have been following you on snap and I now know you to be such an amazing and beautiful person with so much potential!

  12. Jim says:

    Keep it up girl :), smart, nerdy, sexy and caring!!

  13. Jessie says:

    Hey Remy! I love all your stuff! I hope you continue to post more often!! I wanted to let you know I came across this fake Instagram someone is using your pictures and name for. Type in Instagram “streeterqt22”

    Good luck with everything!

  14. Marshall C Mimay says:

    Good luck with your transition! Don’t ever let anyone discourage you in whatever field you’re in! Becoming an EMT-P is hard; with EMS being a difficult field of service. With a BS in Cell./Molecular Bio, the schoolwork won’t be that hard! 😉 It’s when you’re out there dealing with patients, families and the assorted characters that work in the Emergency Department is when it will be difficult. I know that you can do this. It will also be rewarding and fun! Best of luck to you again! Take care! 🙂 ❤

  15. brad rog says:

    You’re the best, sweet Remy!

  16. Charlie Ferrara says:

    You are one amazing gal. Kudos to you for every step. Your XXX days brought me to you, your gorgeous smile made me curious and your new career goals make me realize how truly unique you really are. impressive. keep it up….go save lives!! life is short…live it!

  17. Dennis Lowe says:

    You’ve always impressed me with your intelligence, spirit and drive. Sadly, there will always be simple-minded people who define a person by their vocation or what they’ve done. You are setting an example for people to grow, continue their education, evolve as a human being. I wish you the best for your future. I’ve enjoyed your past and present. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

  18. Richard says:

    I like what your saying and am with you wholeheartedly. Big hug and kiss for you I wish for all you desire to become reality!

  19. Renaldo says:

    Thanks for this I am a huge fan! I know you know but you’re gorgeous. and you’re right it takes a hell of a lot of courage to do what you do and have done! I know I couldn’t do it. I think it’s really awesome you are being this transparent with your fans. That takes courage and is awesome!!
    Thanks Remy!

  20. David R Esau says:

    You are an amazing girl, very sincere, charming and a great person (even though I don’t know you personally ). Do your thing girl. I always wanted a chance to meet you in person just to take a picture with you but I didn’t get the chance. I’m glad I was able to experience you through you twitter and snapchat and I feel honored. Good luck to you in your future challenges and adventures.

  21. HILARIO says:

    Remy!!!! Fellow EMT, and full time Paramedic school student aswell. Feel free to contact me, if you have any study or school questions!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyy medics!!!

  22. Nick stein says:

    U go girl.
    I found u snapchat u seems fun to be around, and are cute as a little katten.
    If I am to be saved some time i wish u save me.

    Best of wishes for the rest of ur life u seems to have had an exicted one so far.

    Hugs Nick

  23. Blue says:

    I wanna see you write more! I wrote about Piper Perri and got her to see it and many others, but you out of other actresses write! Keep on writing here!

  24. @DonKarloff says:

    I always saw you as just an incredibly hot girl and porn star. Since I read your updates about EMS training I see you as ana amazing woman. If u had courage to have sex in front of a cam, u have even more courage to decide this brave step for your life.
    Will be a pitty don’t enjoy new scenes of you anymore but wll be very satisfactory to know you are doing what you love and fighting with passion against prejudices,
    All my love and admiration for your bravery,

  25. James Holcombe says:

    Judging from your thoughts, caring personally, work ethic, biology degree(Congratulations), and attitude you WILL be an awesome paramedic. I am 64 years old. I have 3 beautiful daughters. A nurse, a teacher, and a social worker. In this time we live in it is great to know that there are people like my daughters and you. When you find the right man for you, he is going to be one lucky guy! He won the best lottery😀 Best wishes

  26. Trond Braadland says:

    Best of luck to you in reaching all your goals, dreams and aspirations!
    I have nothing but the highest respect for you, Remy!

  27. Diego says:


  28. Cabo says:

    So after you get your medic are you gonna do flight? Thats where the real action is! Congrats on your EMT!

  29. Guy says:

    Congragulations to you. And i hope the best for u dont every change fr what u want to do inlife and dont ever gt discouraged live life to the fullest dont ever for get the smallthings in life keep on striving moving forward

  30. Rick says:

    Best wishes for your new career, I fell in love with your face and not your porn, so add long as I can still see you on line then I’ll be happy, Merry Christmas!!!!!

  31. Anyone who works for their goals, deserves to achieve them, and that’s the only thing you’ve done so far, the world is yours woman! Mucho éxito! ♥

  32. Kevin Hutchings says:

    When you leave your now twitter account I hope to be able to say hi and check in on you. Be there for you if needed. I love how big your heart is. If everyone had your heart this world would be a better place without question.

    Kevin Hutchings

  33. Barrie Pierce says:

    Ur smart focused goal oriented and destined to be a success in ur new career as long as ur happy everyone else should be glad for u or just be quiet and move on. Well Done

  34. Kevin Terrell says:

    Glad to know you’re not going to disappear completely! Just knowing you’re out there doing fine is all I need. Merry Christmas.

  35. Tom says:

    Well said, congratulations on your new career 🙂

  36. yallonsomebs says:

    I’m glad you’re taking steps to help yourself to yourself and other interests. It’s good to have them, makes life go better, the advancing in directional agendas. I know I’m trying to organise and improve upon that myself. It’s hard for me in a sense, but I’ll get there.

    I like how you put that it’s difficult to do Porn, I couldn’t agree more. I mean you literally are entering into a world of doing the private acts not privately. That’s tough and being comfortable around cameras and people is I’m sure a bit bizarre. I know for a fact the eroticism area is something interesting to me, always has been, and It’s why I’m commenting. You seem to have an interest in that area as well. It’s cool to see someone else who sees similarities. I actually tried entering into the Porn arena two to three times, but my mind really wasn’t able to see that far at the time. I knew I just couldn’t help eroticism, it’s something innate, but better controlled later in years. I now consider the industry job of Porn like window washing sky scraper buildings, something scary and probably not going to do, good money though. There is a limit like looking down at the height while washing the windows and telling yourself, Yeesh, need a new thing to do. The amateur scene is more discrete though, but it’s more fantastical in a sense. I’m sure what seems like amateurish and supposedly real is actually smaller industries in that world( Well… I’m sure there are actually just people that like to film themselves and friends too)

    It’s courageous to take yourself out and further your studies in an area that you would like to work. Keep going and don’t feel burdened having to return. I was given advice some years ago when I was looking for another job, which was “you don’t want to be going backwards” This meant to try and progress, It’s a simple line but it makes plenty sense.

    Take care and I always had the interest in seeing where some of you characters in the industry stood as far as their life and personality. I have plenty more to investigate but I’ll keep this short.


  37. Oswaldo Fernández says:

    Beautiful success, that nobody removes the desire that you have to save a life, more even if it is of a stranger. Keep doing what you like most in life, with love Oswaldo Fernández

  38. marlitosite says:

    Holy shit.
    This took Remy’s hotness to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL.
    I had NO IDEA she had a BS in Cell Bio and that she’s moving toward the medical field.
    Marry me?

  39. Remy LaCroix says:

    You don’t scare me. Get a fucking life. I feel sad for you.

    • Marshall Mimay says:

      Don’t pay any attention to him! You’re doing great work and training! I wish you the best in your endeavors!

  40. Remy LaCroix says:

    So cute that you take time to write a big comment when I can just hit the “trash” button. Because you’re trash. Bye!

  41. Kevin Terrell says:

    I can’t believe what a misogynistic, hateful, ignorant asshole you are. It must suck to be you. I’ll bet Mama whacked your pee pee and screamed, “sex is bad!” over and over, huh?

    • Kevin Terrell says:

      The comment I was replying to is not here, so my comment makes no sense. Suffice to say he was saying nasty things I didn’t care for.

      • Barrie Pierce says:

        Wrong In Everyway Possible. You Did not Deserve That. Relax Be Positive and Enjoy First Time Motherhood You Will Be an Excellent Mom.

  42. Orlando says:

    Well Remy I all way was and be your fan. A beautiful woman with beautiful dreams. All ways my respect for what u done and want to be in live because live is what u make of it. Beautiful sensible adorable and fiere..all ways love.

  43. John Stewart says:

    Congrats on all of your hard work and success!!!! I’ve always heard EMS training is hard, the fact that you want to go out and help strangers is a wonderful and blessed thing. You are looking ahead to your future and you have tremendous courage! I wish you and yours all the very best. The haters of the world are going to hate, ignore them and move on towards the happiness and joy that is ahead of you!

    • Barrie Pierce says:

      Congratulations.Your A Brilliant Young Lady Wife Mother.You Will Be An Amazing Addition To Any EMT Unit Your Assigned Too.

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