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No Jumper Interview ft. Me!

Last week, I was on the No Jumper podcast! What a treat. These dudes are the epitome of awesome. We have some beers, open up about how I got into porn, how I feel about it now, my future plans, and I teach Robesman how to handle booty calls. Watch the video here:


Remy Update

I have been getting a lot of anticipated questions since I finished my first level of EMS training in January. My agency, fans, and my closest friends all congratulated me on my first out of three “graduations” on Twitter because they are all fucking awesome, but it stirred up a lot of curiosity, as did my Instagram post — 1) “Are you retired?”; 2) “Will you still be on social media when you are done?”; 3) “Are you going to have trouble getting into the medical field with your past career?”… Nearly. Yes. And maybe. Allow me to elaborate…

1) I haven’t shot since school took over my life about a year ago, but I say nearly retired because I am still currently offering my private Snapchat account to anyone who wishes to subscribe/see me run around my house naked with a bunch of my hot friends & boyfriend/interact with me on private messages, etc. You can subscribe to my private XXX Snapchat at I plan to continue Snapchatting throughout my transition. And if you’re not into paying for porn & just want some memorabilia, shop my online store at Don’t fret. I ain’t gone yet!

2) When I am finished with this round of school to the Paramedic level in about a year (*ahem* your girl already has a BS in Cellular/Molecular Biology), at that time I will be leaving my Remy social media at peace. I plan on creating other ways for you to find me, share things with me, so we can stay connected with each other — and that’s why I say “yes/sort of”! I love Twitter and Snapchat the most, the interactions are just better. So even if I am not being a “typical XXX girl” online once my new career has started, you best believe I’ll still be a regular lady, tweeting & Instagramming like the rest of em! I will be creating new accounts for myself and I won’t say goodbye without letting you guys know what they are. Promise.

3) Porn is hard to transition out of. Period. But I have yet to meet someone who discourages me from wanting to save lives. It’s not about where you’ve been, it’s about where you’re going. 

This world is still, and I fear will always be, a bit close-minded when it comes to XXX women having any substance, or other things going on in our lives, or dreams and aspirations of our own. Yes, we have had sex on camera and have gotten paid for it… but goddamn does that take courage and confidence like a mother fucker. Seriously… You go get naked in front of a camera and tell me how comfortable you feel. Honestly. It takes incredible audacity and spirit. (So think twice next time you slut shame a girl, just saying.)

I got into porn after college, to explore myself and find what I like sexually, not because I was a dumb, pretty girl looking for easy money or porn-fame. Pornstars get pinned into that stereotype too much, but that doesn’t mean every woman fits it. More importantly, who would EVER discourage a human being to NOT WANT to save another human’s life, regardless if they have shot porn or not? I have yet to meet that person in my walks of life. I’ve opened up to quite a few EMS friends of mine that have been nothing but encouraging and are happy to help me through this transition.

I love this randomly-full, free-flowing life I have built for myself. Life is far too short to forget that happiness is a choice, not a blessing. Do anything you want. Be everything you want. So long as you’re giving it your best self. 

Much love and thank you to everyone for your support. XOXO