Lesbian Adventures.

Apparently I like licking pussy. And prefer cute little pink assholes over manly hairy ones. I could’ve guessed, but didn’t know this about myself until yesterday when I experienced my first girl-on-girl action, ever or in front of the camera. I shot for Whipped Ass with Miss Lorelei Lee at the last minute due to a cancellation. Lucky me!

The girly sex was certainly fun. I loved her small hands in my pussy, I loved licking her, and I loved the strap-on fuck at the end… but all in all, it was actually a really hard shoot for me. I am becoming familiar (and falling in love) with all the bondage, there just might have been too many firsts for me yesterday to really enjoy myself. I was simultaneously experiencing my first girl, my first single-tail whip!, my first spray-down orgasm, and all the while trying to look good and cum hard… overwhelming much! That, and it was most definitely the most painful shoot so far. I sure feel like a tough bitch with these welts on my tits though. Eeek!

I will definitely do girl-on-girl again, but not with Lorelei and her fucking whip! Just kidding, I love you Lorelei. You’re smokin’ hot. And your asshole tastes great.

Pictures! (Because I can’t post nudies on Twitter anymore. Prudes.)

Rigged Remy


The ass fucking.


One thought on “Lesbian Adventures.

  1. Bassman says:

    Love to see this!! I love this type of porn.

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