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Remy Scenes: Part III

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It was a year of amazing girl sex, anal, and box covers for me…

Sirious” from POPPORN Productions. (1/8/2015)


This may be my favorite girl-girl photo ever taken. All love.

#MyFace” from Arch Angel. (1/13/2015)


Title is pronounced “Pound My Face”, not hashtag it. Dumbest title ever. Good scene though!

Remy” from HardX. (2/25/2015)



Best DP experience EVER. Just thankful it’s on film so I can relive it.

Sex Tape Lesbians: A Girl’s POV” from Girlsway. (3/19/2015)


#MyAss” from Arch Angel. (3/19/2015)


I did do anal with Prince for “#MyAss”, so this is technically accurate, but HardX has better pictures of him in my butt.

Massage School Dropouts” from Wicked Pictures. (4/8/2015)


I’m up there, on the couch. Buried in Jessica Drake.

Remy’s Angels” from Arch Angel. (6/18/2015)


Lexi, Dani, Lola, Dana, and Abella. Ok!

Remy Loves Adriana” from Brazzers. (7/6/2015)


I really did fall in love with her that day. We still text… ❤

Art of Romance 5” from EroticaX. (7/22/2015)


Stockholm Syndrome” from James Deen Productions. (9/8/2015)

This movie was honestly the only thing that mattered to me in porn this year. There was way too much unnecessary drama between myself and brand-new, poorly-run companies and unprofessional directors… but then there was James. He came to me with this story and I think I let him get about five words into describing it before I said, “yes, let’s do that.” I love James and everything he does, but this movie was especially creative. Please watch the trailer. Buy the movie. Own it. Love it. It’s amazing.


Fun Fact: I took this photo on my iPhone 5s for my social media. James liked it so much he used it for the box cover. Thanks, iPhone.

Brothers and Sisters” from Sweet Sinner. (9/30/2015)


Technically, we were playing STEP brother and sister, so it’s cool… right? I don’t have any siblings, I don’t know how this works.

Ultimate Brunettes” from Arch Angel. (11/6/2015)


#MyAss 2” from Arch Angel. (11/17/2015)


Again, it’s “Pound My Ass 2”, not hashtag. Titles shouldn’t be this confusing/stupid. Hashtags are for clicking on the interwebs, people. Smh.

Sock it to Me” from Brazzers. (12/1/2015)


Untamed” from Adult Empire. (12/17/2015)


I shot a bunch more in 2015, but I think this is yet another solid gist. I also started going back to school for EMS last year, which took up a lot of my time. I am still currently in school while shooting and camming, so look out 2016… You’re already my bitch.

Remy Scenes: Part II

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Corrupt Schoolgirls 6” from Reality Junkies. (1/15/2014)






…Manuel and these sexy photos. Mmm. Just hope none of my teachers see this…

Lisa Ann Loves Girls” from Jules Jordan Video. (4/14/2014)


Dripping Wet Asses” from Elegant Angel. (4/29/2014)


DP Masters” from Jules Jordan Video. (5/5/2014)

There is obviously still a trailer link there, but I love these pictures so goddamn much.



“Oh my!”


Happy, stuffed-up little minx.


“Let me clean that up for you, sir.”

Gabi Gets Girls” from Evil Angel. (6/25/2014)

We won Best Girl/Girl Scene for AVN for this one in 2015. I guess it is just that good when raver girls fuck.



Glowsticks all up in my asshole… Just watch the trailer. It’s too good.

Remy Loves Girls” from Sweetheart Video. (8/20/2014)

Best part about this movie was getting to list every girl I wanted to make love to, and all my wishes came true. When does that ever happen in real life?! It doesn’t, which just makes this a dream. A successful one.


Glory Hole Loads 3” from Bang Bros. (9/2/2014)

Glory holes and dirty, depraved sex are my guilty pleasure. I think I established that for myself when I got gangbanged the first time. Duly noted and fully displayed in this scene. This glory hole scene is my favorite though.



My Wife’s Hot Friend” from Naughty America. (9/4/2014)




My first time with Shane Diesel. (9/16/2014)


Pretty sure my mouth hole is bigger than my pussy, and still… so goddamn huge.

Bonnieland: A Gangbang Fantasy” from Mental Beauty. (9/23/2014)


Bonnie and I have insane chemistry. I can’t even with her.

Remy LaCroix” (compilation) from Naughty America. (9/25/2014)



Holly…Would” from Wicked Pictures. (9/30/2014)


I’m in the orgy scene… Not able to keep my hands off of Samantha Saint.

Butt Works” from Vivid. (10/14/2014)


This cover though… #BUTTSFORDAYS

Naughty America Athletics” from NA. (12/4/2014)


“Hey, let’s do some yoga.”

blowjob (1).jpg


position1 (1)

Such workout. Many athletics. Very yoga.

Other than a few (several) compilations and many Naughty America and Bang Bros scenes, that was about it for me for 2014… scene-wise. AVN/award show-wise… it was so much more than that. In 2014, I won Best Actress from AVN, Xbiz, and XRCO for my role in New Sensations’ “The Temptation of Eve”. I also won XRCO’s Female Performer of the Year, and two other scene awards from AVN. On top of all that, I got to perform with Machine Gun Kelly onstage for the AVN Award show.

It’s years like 2014 that I am going to look back on when I am 80 and say to my old self, “Fuck yeah, you sexy bitch.” I never would have believed this happening to me if you PROMISED me it would a couple years prior. Would not believed. Hashtag blessed.

Remy Scenes: Part I

Time to catch up, y’all. (PLENTY of gifs and pictures and trailer links included.)

The last XXX scene I blogged about was the three-some with Jessie Rogers and Krissy Lynn. AND THAT WAS JULY 11, 2011! But as you may have read a few posts back about my Juliland blog hiccup/poor business decision, I had a different blog for a while. No matter! Still determined to keep you filled in on what I have been up to with my scenes, even if we have to go back a couple years — FYI, now would be a good time to pour yourself some coffee or wine and get ready to be fully caught up on the porn.

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After the three-way car wash scene with the girls, I shot a bunch of solo scenes, most of them with Nubiles. But this one particular Twistys solo (8/8/2012) was and still is my favorite out of all of them. I had gotten into the industry in late December 2011, and until this photoset, I never really saw myself as a “pornstar”; just a nice girl trying to get her freak on, yo. So, huge shout out to Twistys for making me feel pretty, inside and out.


Too Much Anal” from Evil Angel. (2/4/2013)


I’ve always loved Dahlia. & anything she and/or Mike do to me.

Panty Pops” from Evil Angel. (2/13/2013)


Aptly named title. Ridiculously good sex.

Anal Dream Team” from Evil Angel. (3/13/2013)


How to put me in a trance. FYI.


Remy 2” from Elegant Angel. (3/13/2013)


So honored to have multiple showcases. I fucking love Elegant Angel!


Hula Hoop Anal scene from Bang Bros. (3/20/2013)


Found my butt .gif from this scene on Reddit. And The Chive. Just bouncin’ around.


Along with the many other girl-girl, boy-girl, and anal scenes I performed in 2013, (I’m clearly picking my own favorites/highlights; there are just too many!) I made a point to act in as many features as I could. I love sex so much, obviously, but there is something different about transforming and inhabiting that sexuality and mentality into something else, someone else’s character. However, ‘fucked up’ or ‘super sweet’.

In 2013, there was Smash Pictures’ “Broken Hearts” (5/16/2013), Hard Candy Films’ “Nobody’s Daughter” (7/10/2013), New Sensations’ “The Temptation of Eve” (8/19/2013), Wicked Pictures’ “Harvest Moon” (10/2/2013), and New Sensations’ “Forbidden Affairs” (11/13/2013), Vivid’s “Squatter” (11/26/2013)… PHEW! I’m proud of every single one of them. I can remember every day on set like it was yesterday because I was there; not hanging out on set in some corner on my phone. I remember getting to go home to San Francisco to shoot “Broken Hearts” and getting to take beautiful pictures in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. I remember Nica Noelle, the director for “Nobody’s Daughter” going insane, absolutely wrecking the room, breaking shit and smashing walls to prepare the set for the fucked up scene that was about to be shot between me and Mark Davis. I absolutely remember Xander Corvus and I running our lines with ridiculous southern accents for “Harvest Moon”, over and over again until we actually started talking that way off-camera. I can’t even forget being on set with James Deen and Tommy Pistol for “Squatter” because I was in tears laughing… while getting ‘proposed to’ by James and then double-penetrated by the both of them. As much and as vividly as I remember all of these experiences, the crowing jewel of that year, my entire career, was “The Temptation of Eve”. Jacky, Eddie, myself, and everyone involved worked so goddamn hard on that movie. We had so much fun on set. We all got frustrated at certain points, but we made something fucking beautiful. It’s what landed me Best Actress the following year (2014) for every award show; AVN, Xbiz, and XRCO. They called it a Triple Crown Win. I never got into porn for the awards or recognition, but I will never forget that or take it for granted. Ever.

545043 (1)

Accepting for “Torn”. Dumbfounded. Speechless. Happy beyond belief.


I would be nothing without this Goddess. She is My Jacky. My rock.

“The Temptation of Eve” (SFW) Trailer

Like I said before, I’m picking my favorites because there are too many scenes from 2013 to put in just one post, but I am seriously proud of all of them. Here are a few more to finish out the year…

Strap Some Boyz” from Evil Angel. (8/5/2013)

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He fucking loved it. I fucking loved it. Made him cum in his own mouth. What is life.


Seduction“Seduction” from Elegant Angel. (12/3/2013)


Screaming Ass Gasms” from Jules Jordan Video. (12/11/2013)


My favorite box cover. Like, ever. Thanks, Jules.


I can be a greedy brat sometimes. Do not be fooled by my freckles.

Performers of the Year 2014” from Elegant Angel. (12/17/2013)



Retrospectively, 2013 was a crazy year. Crazy good. So many great scenes & the AVNs to prove it. That year I earned the all-encompassing Best New Starlet award from AVN and XRCO, Best Actress for ‘Torn’ from AVN, and Best Tease Performance from AVN with my favorite girl, Lexi Belle, from us just playing around in roller skates and a hula hoop. All of it truly was the best because it was genuine fun and sex! No one paid for these awards in 2013, they were earned with hard work and laughter. And it shows.

Now onto 2014…!