No Jumper Interview ft. Me!

Last week, I was on the No Jumper podcast! What a treat. These dudes are the epitome of awesome. We have some beers, open up about how I got into porn, how I feel about it now, my future plans, and I teach Robesman how to handle booty calls. Watch the video here:


16 thoughts on “No Jumper Interview ft. Me!

  1. Kevin Terrell says:

    I’ve seen several interviews with you over the years, I think this was the best and funniest. Best wishes on the paramedic thing and one last word….Rugby is NOT a sport!!! ha ha.

    • Remy LaCroix says:

      Haha thank you. I’m pretty sure Rugby IS, in fact, a sport. By all definitions.

      • Kevin Terrell says:

        Wow…a reply from Remy. Shocked might be too strong a word for my feelings, so let’s say pleasantly surprised. I’ve always known you’re pretty gracious to your fans, and I would think it is difficult at times with all the crazies and assholes there are in the world. I’m not going to hang around outside your home doing a Mark Chapman because you said two words to me. In your line of work, I think that sort of thing might come to mind (you mentioned restraining orders in the interview) and that is scary as fuck. Anyway, I mentioned rugby because I don’t think I’d heard that come up before. Obviously, it’s a sport, just not one anybody cares about. (JK!) Now hula-hooping is a sport, and an art form when YOU do it, besides being extremely sexy. Okay, I’m rambling..I’ll cut this short because I could go on and on. Thanks much for the reply. I’m sending good positive thoughts your way. Have a wonderful day, Remy, you made mine.

  2. DeepDirty says:

    This was such a great interview. I’m so excited for your next stage in life. This was an really enlightening and very funny interview. Lots of love for you Remy. Xoxo

  3. crazygoalie33 says:

    Very entertaining interview, good luck in the health field. Those girls in rugby have such muscular thighs. If we do meet again (we met in NY once), i’ll be sniping you in Call of Duty (gamertag: CraZy_Goalie_33). haha jk.

  4. Bill says:

    Remy, such a delight to have you so genuine in everything you do! I first happened into your hooping videos when I was in Indonesia, where they block porn, and I just adored that edge you brought to it. And then when I back to the states, I saw you were so much more! Butt (so to speak) I still love those hoop videos.

  5. Glenn Farrelly says:

    Remy you have a great talent in writing! Love your blogs. Loved this interview you and guys are great fun. Didn’t know you played rugby either! Tough sport. I respect you dearly for what you’re doing with your life.. Saving lives is a great thing! I wish you well on the next chapter of your life. Good luck in school! And remember all those bitchy hoes aren’t worth your time! Best of luck😊

  6. Cátia Andreia Da Costa Carvalho says:

    I’m just wondering(maybe you won’t reply) you said that your family is Portuguese, that’s cool, because i’m a big fan of yours, and i’m Portuguese. 🙂 I just wanted to know what side of your family is Portuguese, and have you ver been to Portugal?

  7. Peter Princip says:

    Great podcast!

    Your string joke has been my goto “dad” joke for many years. Loved learning a bit more about you and your past and future. Seems like you are winning life!

    So cool!

  8. John van Rensburg says:

    can confirm that rugby is definitely a sport. its certainly the national sport of my country.

    thanks for the link to your podcast. its the first interview I’ve seen of yours, and it was wonderfully compelling. all the best with your new career, ma’am.

  9. Tália Selene says:

    Hello Remy, i m missing you on the blog, i am following your snaps of the trip to Paris. Xoxo

  10. IsaiahFlamez says:

    Where in the interview did you say you have retired from porn?

  11. mintosa says:

    As someone who grew up in a New Zealand household where rugby is a religion rather than a sport, I have never been more proud in my life. Hope the paramedic stuff is going well for you 🙂

  12. KevinB.303 says:

    I admired your excellent hard work in the “industry”. You brought an innovating fresh new look to the industry when you first arrived. I see a number of imitators. I wish all the best in your live ahead. Children are everything. Precious and priceless. Enjoy your life. A fan. I am writing this even though this was I am 3 years behind!

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