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Real Talk.

How did Hitler tie his shoes? Into little nazis!

Los Angeles is growing on me very quickly. I can’t deny that I will always be a Bay girl, and home is always home, but I think the route my life has taken may require a change here pretty soon. I was fighting the idea of leaving San Francisco this whole time because most of me would be so sad to leave my family, my friends, and the little coffee shop that already knows my order… Sometimes you gotta fuck it and remember that you only live once. Thanks, Drake. Anyway, these big shooting trips down here keep getting better and better. I was worried about a lot of things at first to be honest, that maybe I wouldn’t fit in with this crowd, that I would become jaded, that sex would get old, etc. But no. Deciding to make pornography has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I had an extremely love-filled childhood amongst my big Portuguese family and I was raised by an incredibly self-aware, overly-communicative, no-bullshit woman, and I came to this game with some serious confidence. But the more I come down here, I leave with so much more than I came with. I’m not here to be competitive — everyone fills their own niche. I’m here because I’m a professional sexer. And I love getting it in the ass on the reg.

Look Mom, I’m making really nice friends!

Me and Miss Bailey Blue at the club for Patty’s Day. (@baileybluexxx)

No one gets me like Ashley Fires. I love this girl. (@AshleyFires)

Presley Hart and I working Bill Bailey’s junk. @PresleyHart is so adorkable.

Like my comfort level, I feel like my scenes are getting better. I’m coming more than ever, good sign, and I am working with some guys I’ve already banged. Favorite shoot so far, you ask? Oh well, let’s see… I’d have to say the one I did for Smash Pictures with Prince Yahshua (@princeyahshua). The sex we had was so sensual and extremely intense. It wasn’t your typical BJ, 4-scene, then pop dealio. We was fucking all over the place; banging in the bathtub, on the couch, on the ottoman, on the floor. Ball slapping, then pussy loving. Best part was the bubble bath though. The bathtub is my home turf, as it were, so I was excited to say the least.

Posing for Prince.




Yeah that shoot, and the one I did for HA.

I’ll be getting more of these soon. Think of it as a porn gag reel.

Sex is fun.
…but porn is a whole ‘notha game. There’s a lot of ego in the air. I guess I kinda think of it like this, and bear with my analogy here, but just think of confidence/cockiness manifested as fire. If you carry yourself with an overly wear-my-shit-on-my-sleeve-because-I’m-so-cool kind of attitude, all of that confidence, that heat, is dissipated and you’re left looking cold and probably empty. But if you can carry it in a calm way that is humble and grateful, that heat just emanates from within you. And others can feel it if you feel it. With all of that, it just happens that your standards get raised, your Bullshit-O-Meter reads a little more accurately.

I’ve got plenty more shoots ahead of me until the 30th, when I will then happily run home to my kitties and pup. Stay tuned, as I will try to take more pictures from set. I know that’s why you’re here. Seriously, big props to you if you made it all the way through my babble to the very end of this post. Which is now.

Princess Donna’s Birthday.

The Public Disgrace party this last Thursday topped my list of awesome things I’ve done in my life. Checking “get publicly reamed by all my hot friends” off my bucket list. Oh, and “make out with Donna”.

I jacked this picture from James Deens’ blog… I ruv him 🙂


But seriously, holy fuck was that a crazy birthday party. The Upper Floor was completely packed. My two girlfriends were there. I got to fuck with four hot boys and four stunning tits, I mean, two beautiful girls, and Princess freaking Donna. I want to gush about it so badly, but I almost want you to be extra blown away when you see it. Let’s just say it starts with me ball-gagged and hogtied in a gift box for Donna, and it ends with her eating cake off my fucked ass. Fuck, fine! I’ll show you pictures…


Am I fucking him right, Donna?

Mickey going to town on my asshole. While everyone watches.

I LOVE Audrey's face.


Fuuuuck my ass.

Happy birthday Donna, I adore you!!

Did you like that? Did you like what you saw? 😉


This Has Been a Successful Titling.

Holy fucking anal scene, Batman! My first DVD has been released: Feeling awfully proud, although I’ve only seen the trailer. Tell me what you think! And while we’re on releases, the other one starring my bootyhole is coming out next: Epic for me because I’m honored to be on the cover with Eva and Kagney, two gorgeous ladies I really admire.
I’ve been happily home in San Francisco for a couple weeks now, just kicking back and doing my Kink thing. Actually had two Hogtied shoots just last week. It was great; the first was some good old fashioned rope bondage, spanking, forced orgasms. That bit really  blew my mind… I thought my brain was going to explode after the 3rd forced hitachi orgasm, but my pussy exploded instead. Like, a couple more times. Coming is still such a mental process in this, but its so different when the orgasms are being ripped out of you. Mmm. Can’t get mad at that. So yeah, the second shoot last week was a Hogtied feature with an all-star cast and little me. Fucking Ava Devine played my mom, James Deen and Isis Love played home intruders… I’ll let you get sexcited about the rest. Yeah, I said it. Sexcited! It was SO fucking crazy. Definitely a close second to my favorite Kink shoot, which is still saying something. But seriously, there’s nothing like a gangbang amIrighterramIrightmmmmmk?
Porn is cool and all, but I don’t want to drown in it. I’m still a person with all these holes. I have been productive and feeling amazing in my own skin since I have been home. I’ve been at the gym everyday, reading all these new books I bought, and cooking and wine snobbing. Also been getting to spend quality time outside with all my animals. Most of you probably didn’t know that I am currently harboring a dog, three cats, and five bunnies. I love my fuzzy farm. I mean, half of them are my roommates, but we stopped differentiating a while ago. We’re just one big happy family now! Anyhow, all this being me is what gets me feeling good to go to LA to have some sensual cinematic intercourse… Also, spread my gaping butthole for the camera…
…but before I go back to LA, I have one more full week at Kink, holla! Tomorrow I’ll be finishing up that Sex and Submission shoot just before DONNA’S PUBLIC DISGRACE on Thursday. I’m speechless right now because I am still forming words around my incredibly nervous and whoreish emotions. More on that later then, cheerio!