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Banging My Way Thru 2012.

Before I let 2012 take me on the sexiest ride I’ve ever been on, I’m going to jerk it off right in Vegas for NYE… then I’ll start banging some dudes. Hopefully a lot of dudes. Hot ones, with big charlies.

I’m packing for my Vegas/LA excursion now, three huge suitcases and a little purse, and I’m realizing how many pre-shoot rituals I have already made a habit of. I made for fucking sure to pack my new fluffy robe and slippers for all the yummy soy-based bubble baths I will be taking. (I’m estimating 2-3 per day). I have a whole box of mani-pedi loving, 3 short story compilations for hotel-room entertainment, oh, and a shit ton of weed and blunt wraps. I’ll just get the wine and chocolate when I get there. Annnnd that’s how to keep this little booty happy!

Remember that cute little schoolgirl outfit I showed you? Well here’s part I, of the shoot:

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Lesbian Adventures.

Apparently I like licking pussy. And prefer cute little pink assholes over manly hairy ones. I could’ve guessed, but didn’t know this about myself until yesterday when I experienced my first girl-on-girl action, ever or in front of the camera. I shot for Whipped Ass with Miss Lorelei Lee at the last minute due to a cancellation. Lucky me!

The girly sex was certainly fun. I loved her small hands in my pussy, I loved licking her, and I loved the strap-on fuck at the end… but all in all, it was actually a really hard shoot for me. I am becoming familiar (and falling in love) with all the bondage, there just might have been too many firsts for me yesterday to really enjoy myself. I was simultaneously experiencing my first girl, my first single-tail whip!, my first spray-down orgasm, and all the while trying to look good and cum hard… overwhelming much! That, and it was most definitely the most painful shoot so far. I sure feel like a tough bitch with these welts on my tits though. Eeek!

I will definitely do girl-on-girl again, but not with Lorelei and her fucking whip! Just kidding, I love you Lorelei. You’re smokin’ hot. And your asshole tastes great.

Pictures! (Because I can’t post nudies on Twitter anymore. Prudes.)

Rigged Remy


The ass fucking.


Robots Get Me Off.


Fucking Machines went live for a couple hours today with your’s truly, and it was the epitome of exhibitionism… and cum loads of fun! I got to work it out on three different set-ups with three different dildoes, only to produce three mind-numbing orgasms. I’m really looking forward to Part II of the shoot (sometime in late January) because Tomcat made it so awesomely fun and easy.

I’ve met so many famous porn people this week! And just so many sweet, sexy little Kink models. I could gush for hours about how nice and supportive everyone has been, and how welcome I feel at the Armory, and how much I love my job! Porn has got to be the best thing I’ve done for myself yet.

I’m heading home from my shoot now, only to go sit on a block of ice with a beer in my hand.


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Hardcore Bondage: Check.

I got a good sleep after being locked in various metal and wood bondage yesterday. I’ve pushed some serious physical and mental limits these past two days — and I’m left feeling pleasured and lucky. Not a lot of lifestyle BDSMers get a chance to do what I’ve done already, and I’m brand spanking new (pun intended). I get the hottest, cleaneast, most hungest pick of the litter, and then we get to play out our deepest, darkest fantasies for pervs to enjoy… while a bunch of people are watching… its fucking awesome (again, intended).
Yesterday was some tough stuff, for real. Device Bondage was the ultimate mind fuck for me. Don’t read me wrong, I had a fanfuckingtastic time, it was just mentally challenging. There’s a lot of mind-over-matter involved in being locked up, completely unable to move, and then forced to cum uncontrollably. But there’s always cumming, so its okay.
Today is the Fucking Machines shoot, Part I… LIVE! 🙂 I’m just on a good one, aren’t I?


Gangbang Initiation.

Yesterday was really intense… but fun. I shot my very first porno for’s Bound Gangbangs and loved it. I was working with some real pros, including my fabulous director Donna and PA, Cat, and everyone made me feel so comfortable. (Although, Donna rigged me up real tight and the boys were tossing me around like a rag fuck doll!)

Being bound and gangbanged was and still is my biggest fantasy. Especially when the men were so handsomely hung, I loved being completely controlled and fucked every which way, literally not knowing who was in my ass or how I was going to breathe with a cock down my throat. All in good fun, of course!

I really hope to shoot for the site again, but as for my day today, I’m continuing to start this porn career off with a BANG (ha) and shoot for Device Bondage as well.

Here’s a sneak peek of my sex dungeon from the gangbang. (I love that word, gangbang.)