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OK. I’ve been staring at a blank template for over an hour now. Basically, I’m elated by all of the supportive fans — the positive, “do what makes you happy” response made the decision easier. A lot of people have said it’s too soon to be done. And that’s silly because it’s absolutely not up to them. I.D.G.A.F., or whatever it is the cool kids are saying these days.

I’m still here just being me. SO LET’S ALL KEEPING SMILING AND MOVE ON NOW. 🙂

Since I’ve been keeping my Twitter super updated, I don’t really have any new, awesome, slutty pictures… except this one from today…

…but I will! Especially because I’m going to be on set with a couple of pretty girls tomorrow. You may know them, Jessie Rogers and Krissy Lynn? Oh, you do! Yeah… big booty party. That’s what’s up. Stay tuned.

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Business As Usual.

Arghhh it’s been two weeks since I last blogged. *tail between legs* I’ve been so busy, which would make you think I’d have more to tell, but I guess it’s more of a patience thing. Blah, blah, we’re here now.

Anywho! I do have some fun BTS (behind the scenes) pics from a few sets recently. Let’s see, I shot for Sex and Submission with James Deen earlier this month. I just love that guy, totally on the Deenwagon. (He blogged the following picture and told me that post got the most hits out of any other post EVER.)

Then I finally shot with my homie Kristina Rose, and damn that girl is sexy. She is just… so sexy.

What else? Ah yes, Kevin Moore’s tan line series. I don’t know what it was about that day or that vibe, but that was some cumtastic sex. More so than usual. Plus, tan lines are hot. I’m gonna make ’em my “thing”. It’s a POV movie that I highly recommend seeing whenever it’s out.

Got some good stuff coming out here pretty soon. Also, some Kink scenes! Speaking of Kink, yesterday I hung out with my kinky little friend, Penny Pax. We went to Disneyland and it was a dream. We accomplished a lot, and by accomplished I mean we rode tons of rides and we ate churros, corn dogs, a turkey leg… oh, and Disney pickles.

I wasn’t trying to insinuate anything, I was really taking a big bite…

Good times. I’m really going back to bed now. I have an early flight to Oakland to shoot for Sexually Broken tomorrow. I loves me some BDSM. It’s so romantic.

Summer < Hula Hoops < Boobies

It’s officially summer! There’s nothing like a good camping trip/music festival in the sun to start it off right. I spent Memorial Day weekend just east of LA at one of my favorite festivals, Lightning in a Bottle. It’s very Burning Man-esque, but much smaller; lots of live painting, electronic music, dancing, HOOPING, and yoga. Basically, it’s heaven… a dirty little heaven where you can take your boobies out and dance around.


Set up the tent, slapped on some pasties and I was ready 😉

Super funky daytime grooves.

Getting down with the get down!


Such a vitamin-D whore!


As much as I love festival life, I certainly don’t want it to last forever. I’m indulging in civilized things now, like showers, sushi, and sleep. Mmm, sleep…


You Gotta Be Kitten Me Right Meow.

Me and Rocco (kitty) are blogging to you from bed right now! See…

Rocco and I are very upset that there are Facebook posers of me! Shortly after finding this out yesterday, I created an official Remy Facebook… a decision I immediately regret. I’ll keep it so there is an official one, but I won’t be on it much at all. Twitter and WordPress are enough for me, to be quite honest — that is plenty enough brain-time devoted to internetty things.

Ooooooweeeee my bootyhole is sore from getting fucked by Manuel’s huge cock yesterday. Omg. I can feel it when I sneeze. Or cough. Or laugh. We shot for William H. Nutsack’s Big Wet Asses 21.

After rolling around in oil for an hour…

– – – – – – – – – –

New Scenes

I feel like shoots have been pouring out lately. I forgot how much I’ve been having sex. BE JEALOUS. Here are some recent updates, in order from personal favorite to… not… but still fun.

1. with @KatieStIves was SO hot, like out-of-this-world hot. I hump her vagina pretty good. I lost control at a certain point and I didn’t give a fuck what it looked like then, I just wanted to make her cum and I did.

Just covered in spit and sweat after.

2. with James Deen, Ava Devine, and Isis Love. Um. Just watch the trailer. P.S. I LOVE JAMES.

Family-style, religious orgy.

3. Innocent But Nasty by New Sensations, with Mark Ashley was very fun. I got a little squirty and fucked him very hard.

Bottom-right. Kitchen counter. I squirted there.

4. Lastly, I recently shot for, which was kind of alright, if you’re into that sort of thing. I just love black dudes so I said yes to Jim, but after shooting it I realized it really wasn’t my thing. I’M TOO NICE TO PROPERLY CUCKOLD. I want my sex to be fun, not mean or incredibly humiliating. Although, the cuckold was such a sweetheart and he was really into being laughed at. And cum swapped with. That was nutzo.

It’s an Oreo! LOL

I have more scenes coming out soon aside from REMY, like Darkko’s Angels of Debauchery 9, the Big Wet Asses 21 I just shot, and various DVD releases. New Sensations is also shooting a new feature this week called The Betrayal, featuring your’s truly.

Reviewing footage. Photo by Jeff Koga.

Me, tweeting and crosswording on set. Again, Jeff Koga.

Busy, busy bee. Lots of me to come.

– – – – – – – – – –

I’m gonna go roller skating with @SPFOTOLA this morning, and have lunch in Malibu later with my agent. It’s my day off — I do what I want!

REMY Covers!

I’m super proud of this movie. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started shooting porn, but if something this awesome could happen this fast… damn. Just damn. I am getting the one thing I want from the Beast that is the porn industry, and that is to fully embrace my sexuality. Also, big, big thank yous to my friends who helped me make this: Mason, Roy, Frederic Vanderbilt, Miss Lexi, Miss Jada, Manuel, Erik, Ramon, and Lex… There will always be a special place in my heart for you all.

Brown Chicken Brown Cow.

Was feeling nostalgic and homesick, so I started going through old pictures tonight. Here’s one from last summer of me hula hooping.

Okay back to business: today, I made Jada orgasm all over my fingers and face! Miss Jada Stevens was the only talent I personally chose for this movie. (I just got really lucky with the rest.) We had a threesome today and I think everyone there agreed it was EPIC. I have never been attracted to a girl like I’m attracted to Jada Stevens. I fucking love her — she’s beautiful, she has great brains, THE best set of ass cheeks, and silky smooth tan skin… Aaaaaaoooooogaaah! *wolf howl*

Driving Miss Jada

On-set nakedness

@MzJadaStevens pretty little face, right where it belongs

Besides her being awesome, our hats were totally radical. I don’t want to give too much away, but the tease for this scene is really hot shit. Especially if you like butts. You DO like butts don’t you? That’s what I thought.

How dope is this?!

A Princess Booty crown yo

What a day… Also came across some photos from recent sexcapades that I would like you to see. Please, if you will.

“Gasp, Gape and Gag” buttsex fun

Getting fucked like a whiny little bitch for Kink’s Sex and Submission

I’m so innoceHAHAHAHAHA, I can’t even finish that sentence

Post-sex chocolate milk and donut time. Today gets a ‘gold star’.


Naked Hoola Booty.

Naked Hoola Booty.

I’m so excited for this movie. It’s about taking little sex-loving me and turning me into a performer, the Elegant way. Mason, Roy and I have been having a blast on every set, going above and beyond the “standards” of porn, so I hope it’s just as fun to watch.

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D’ya Like Dags?

There’s a good reason I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been kidnapped and raped repeatedly, and there was no internet. No, I’m just kidding. (God that’s an awful joke. *knocks on wood*) Do you know where that saying came from, “knock on wood”? Forest people would knock on trees to wake up the fairies that could ward off demons, or so I’m told. For all I know, the guy that told me the story could’ve been lying, but I’ll go with it because it’s kinda cute.

I haven’t written/posted a video yet because I didn’t want to be a total downer. I’ve been dealing with some bullshit roommate problems, still adjusting to LA life, and fiercely trying to maintain a somewhat normal routine. Being away from home for about two months now has put some stress on things… Things like my roommate turning into a jealous cunt. And like me, living out of a hotel and doing my laundry on set. Enough is enough. I’m fucking 23 years old, and I can’t stand to live out of sorts like a child. So I went out and bought myself my first car, and then proceeded to find a room in a gorgeous house for me and my animals! Ha, World — I got you again. See, happy ending.

…And yes that does mean I am moving to LA. I won’t lie and say Los Angeles isn’t growing on me, especially now that I have a car for beach and hiking trips. But it just doesn’t feel like home to me. San Francisco will always be my home no matter where I am. Which is hopefully in San Francisco.

Blah, blah, life story, blah… JAMES DEEN IN MY MOUTH! BAM!

This is how to shut me up when I talk too much.

That’s been my life for the last two months. Completely void of my usual healthy eating habits, exercise, and decent sleep, yet so full of sex and cum on my face. I’m not writing to you now from my personal computer so I’ll have to post some more pictures later. Or you can just look at my Twitter. See how I said “look” at it? I hate it when annoying people beg for followers. And share horoscopes. And toot their own horns. And RT #FFs incessantly. STOP NOW.



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