Moving On.

The time has come to move on. As 2016 comes to a close, we naturally re-evaluate the year & think on what we want moving forward. So much of me has changed in the past year, it’s time to start thriving in my new world.

Personally, I enjoy social media, so I plan to still use it. I will be keeping my “Remy” Twitter alive to promote my Many Vids Store — but I will be debuting a new Twitter that is my own, along with a new Instagram.

This blog has been fun! Thank you all for your love & support. This journey would have been nothing without you.

Love always,


26 thoughts on “Moving On.

  1. Kevin Terrell says:

    I hope your 2017 is the best ever.

  2. Ewan Walker says:

    You are an inspiration. I sincerely hope that all your aspirations come true this year. And I love your private snapchat, it’s always there to brighten my otherwise shitty days.

  3. High five on everything….continued well wishes for 2017 and the years to come!!!

  4. Dear Ashley, wishing you all the very best in 2017.

  5. Richard says:

    You will be missed, but I understand when you don’t feel comfortable in something you most move on. I hope whatever you do in life you’ll be happy. I think you are one of the most beautiful woman and very sexy, I know you have a heart of gold. One of your fans God Bless You and keep smiling Happy New Year

  6. Julxrp says:

    Wishing you all the best for 2017 Remy. May all your dreams come true.

  7. Lora says:

    I have followed your journey for awhile and am so happy this day has come for you. You should write a book when the time feels right about your life. It would be wonderful!

  8. Rick Gilliland says:

    Love you and your new hope for life

  9. terence rae says:

    Your incredible and amazing .best wishes to you and your future. 😊

  10. karthick rajan says:

    you have also inspired me very much.i learnt many peculiar,dedication and involvement in whatever you are great and you do great things and keep doing by the heart of the way love you remy as a fan

  11. My binder says:

    No more word press eh? I find this one to be tolerable and interesting as far as much social media goes. I can enjoy reading and hopefully post something interesting and very researched. It may help me to be a better writer, I hope.

    I started to dislike social media for it’s lack of reality, meaning when I was on Facebook I had friends from past, present and future but I only knew then from certain times, hardly ever again or even didn’t hang out with them as much but save a few. It was good to see family growing but then the news feed became insane and I was too lazy to do that whole change up who sees your comments and such, so quitted it. It was like a relief, as if I got rid of an addiction. At times I get the need to come back, did, and tried again only to finally staying done. This also caused slight Domino effects to my other social media sites.

    I do Photography and Arts, but I saw that having them scattered in the social media realm kind of made them obsolete or just another post. It felt like the originality of a website needed to resurface, so that is where I stand. Word press kind of gives that feel, but I know there will be a time when it will just look like another post and will have to create a domain to link to.

    Twitter is a final resting place for my social media interests, because I never tried it before. It may be that the addiction tries to resurface, but this time it’s more for learning purposes…only the obvious social media usage sticks it’s microphone in your face to say something; giving your 2 cents nightmare;good or bad. Either way I tried to get rid of it, but to no avail so I’ll keep it a bit longer.

    I try to think how I came about knowing you, obviously, but it wasn’t until I followed someone else and you were in a if you like this person then this is another possible interest list. I stayed away and then sifted through some of your pictures, they had character so What the hell see what she’s about. It took a couple of times to follow you, because I was like nahhhhh, but then did. I theorize the concept of people and their lives different among the things they do. There is always something more, which there was in theory, which is cool.

    Ciao and be well, I’ll have to write a post on that theory and the industry you worked in sometime.

    The new Twitter is yourself?

  12. Carlos McFarland says:

    Although I’ll miss you as Remy, I wish you nothing but the best in whatever you choose to do in the future. Good luck beautiful.

  13. celinejcomte says:

    You will be missed lovely ! But I am so happy you can finally ” just ” be Ashley β€πŸ€“. Sending all the love x

  14. Alex D says:

    I’ve been a porn fan all my adult life, and i’ve had many favorites actresses, but no one like you, but check why: Despite the fact that your porn carrer was incredibly sucessful and super delightable, what I must have to admire is the way you decide to take bull by the horns and decide to retire and live a normal life, not linked to the pass. After seeing the sad luck that must of the girls have after retiring, seeing you now studying to be a proffesional and initiating your own family life is simply beautiful. I must say that we are not related but i feel so proud of you that i cannot wish you but the best of the best. No regrets and no turn back, only moving forward.

  15. Zack says:

    Another beautiful woman who has managed to to realize her full potential and I thank God for answering my prayers for you. Don’t ever settle for less than you deserve Ashley. You will be a wonderful mother and I wish nothing but best of luck for you and all those you love

  16. pixelzombie says:

    Good luck on your new journey. May your child be blessed.

  17. J. Ryan Ironwood says:

    Congratulations on your new life as paramedic & mommy. I’m very happy for you. You R an inspiration to many. I wish I could be & could have been a close friend of yours. I’m not a “true” fan, but I was very impressed w/your GB fantasy as your first ever adult film. I’ll never need to watch another. You had morer sex in that 1st ever film than I have had in my whole 68 yr life!! I N V U & your happy, successful life!! BLESSED JOURNEYS, ALWAYS!!

  18. chigo82fg says:

    Remy, i loveyou because you’ re a super beautiful girl… I follow you forever….

  19. Adam Cronin says:

    Remy. in this world you have to feed your soul. Your making a good decision screw everything else. And if you are an emt like some comments said that’s AWSOME!
    Best if luck

  20. lar mann says:

    When I die let it be you trying to keep me alive so my last image is of you, my last scent is of you and my last breath is to thank you.

  21. Congratz for the baby on the way!! Always the best for this year,for this moment you have to travel Remy !!Love U !!

  22. John says:

    I think your perfect just the way your are whether if it’s your sexy natural looks or personality

  23. Hector Duarte Jr says:

    HAPPY for you. You are one of the Hotest girl I have seen in a while. βš˜πŸŒ·πŸ‘πŸ»πŸΊπŸ₯‚πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ

  24. What made you decide to retire from porn and how are you feeling about having a child?

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