Remy Scenes: Part III

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It was a year of amazing girl sex, anal, and box covers for me…

Sirious” from POPPORN Productions. (1/8/2015)


This may be my favorite girl-girl photo ever taken. All love.

#MyFace” from Arch Angel. (1/13/2015)


Title is pronounced “Pound My Face”, not hashtag it. Dumbest title ever. Good scene though!

Remy” from HardX. (2/25/2015)



Best DP experience EVER. Just thankful it’s on film so I can relive it.

Sex Tape Lesbians: A Girl’s POV” from Girlsway. (3/19/2015)


#MyAss” from Arch Angel. (3/19/2015)


I did do anal with Prince for “#MyAss”, so this is technically accurate, but HardX has better pictures of him in my butt.

Massage School Dropouts” from Wicked Pictures. (4/8/2015)


I’m up there, on the couch. Buried in Jessica Drake.

Remy’s Angels” from Arch Angel. (6/18/2015)


Lexi, Dani, Lola, Dana, and Abella. Ok!

Remy Loves Adriana” from Brazzers. (7/6/2015)


I really did fall in love with her that day. We still text… ❤

Art of Romance 5” from EroticaX. (7/22/2015)


Stockholm Syndrome” from James Deen Productions. (9/8/2015)

This movie was honestly the only thing that mattered to me in porn this year. There was way too much unnecessary drama between myself and brand-new, poorly-run companies and unprofessional directors… but then there was James. He came to me with this story and I think I let him get about five words into describing it before I said, “yes, let’s do that.” I love James and everything he does, but this movie was especially creative. Please watch the trailer. Buy the movie. Own it. Love it. It’s amazing.


Fun Fact: I took this photo on my iPhone 5s for my social media. James liked it so much he used it for the box cover. Thanks, iPhone.

Brothers and Sisters” from Sweet Sinner. (9/30/2015)


Technically, we were playing STEP brother and sister, so it’s cool… right? I don’t have any siblings, I don’t know how this works.

Ultimate Brunettes” from Arch Angel. (11/6/2015)


#MyAss 2” from Arch Angel. (11/17/2015)


Again, it’s “Pound My Ass 2”, not hashtag. Titles shouldn’t be this confusing/stupid. Hashtags are for clicking on the interwebs, people. Smh.

Sock it to Me” from Brazzers. (12/1/2015)


Untamed” from Adult Empire. (12/17/2015)


I shot a bunch more in 2015, but I think this is yet another solid gist. I also started going back to school for EMS last year, which took up a lot of my time. I am still currently in school while shooting and camming, so look out 2016… You’re already my bitch.

9 thoughts on “Remy Scenes: Part III

  1. TaroSoramame says:

    Seen some of these. You are a surpringly good actress.

  2. kendall says:

    Is there anyway to get an autograph from you? that would be amazing

  3. Carlos says:

    Hey remy, do you ever pay attention to this comments?

  4. Andy says:

    Hi Remy, you are so awesome. I have known about u since “The Temptation of Eve”. You did have an outstanding acting. You and Lexi Belle are those only 2 actresses that I love. I believe you can join more into mainstream movie.

    one more thing makes u different from others is your passion to everything you do. Its not easy to find a girl in this industry who is willing to write a blog or work hard to pass an academic exam. Also, reading your sharing makes me feel you are so trustwothy.

  5. Jason says:

    EMS school? That’s awesome. Working in healthcare I must say that would be an awkward situation. You just have a massive heart attack and are brought back from the brink. You wake up to find you were saved by a former pornstar who you have spent countless hours with in your office while “working”. How are you suppose to explain the sudden boner to your family upon seeing who saved you?

  6. bumblebeekimmy says:

    I have actually never watched one of your xxx films, I found out about you recently through the ganja girls insta and have been following your snapchat for a few days now. Obviously I was interested initially cuz you’re super hot but now that I’ve read a bit of your wordpress I’m so so so impressed by your other talents as well! That’s absolutely amazing that you’re going to EMS school and have a science degree too. Just wanted to show my support for a fellow smart and confident girl following her dreams😉 Can’t wait to see what else you get up to!

  7. Joe says:

    Hi Remy. Casual porn fan. Discovered you not too long ago. You have ruined porn for me. I find every other girl boring after watching you. Little background on me. White dude, dual undergrad in sociology and black studies. Eventually found my way to business. It’s been very good. Wife variety of viewpoints. Sidenote…wash your first ever video tonight. You were very nervous. Running around naked was cracking me up. Anyway… I’m with you on the all lives matter thing. 98% of the police are good and have the hardest job I can think of. body cameras would get it done. I agree with your viewpoint but what do you think needs to happen?

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