Taylor Swift for President.

Yesterday, I flew to Los Angeles JUST to see Taylor Swift in concert with my lady, Jacky St. James, and good Lord it was really worth it. I’ve enjoyed Swift’s catchy songs for years now, but Taylor herself said it best last night: the 1989 album and World Tour has been a true reflection of her “rebirth” musically. Through all of her self-exploration, she has obviously grown into such a beautifully talented woman, with strongly powerful and positive messages for both younger kids and adults: messages of love and self-worth, that, no matter who you are, or where you come from, or how old you are, you are better off dancing to the beat of your own drum, completely disregarding the need to “fit in” because that’s just not where true happiness comes from. And she’s 100% correct. I loved that there were so many young girls there, all of them hearing these strong messages about self-love and self-worth so early in life; Taylor is the epitome of a perfect role model.

A lot of what she said about being true to who you are and not getting caught up in the pitfalls of negative social media interactions was very close to home for me, and even made me shed some tears. Tears of happiness. Tears of relief. Tears of acceptance and hope for my own future. I could go on and on about how pleasantly humble and thankful she was last night, but I won’t. I will just suggest that you experience her in person for yourself; even if you’re not particularly a fan, take your girlfriends. Your daughters. Your nieces. Your mothers.

It was truly a live performance I will never forget. That girl can JAM. 

These ridiculously happy smiles say it all.

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