Get it.

OK. I’ve been staring at a blank template for over an hour now. Basically, I’m elated by all of the supportive fans — the positive, “do what makes you happy” response made the decision easier. A lot of people have said it’s too soon to be done. And that’s silly because it’s absolutely not up to them. I.D.G.A.F., or whatever it is the cool kids are saying these days.

I’m still here just being me. SO LET’S ALL KEEPING SMILING AND MOVE ON NOW. 🙂

Since I’ve been keeping my Twitter super updated, I don’t really have any new, awesome, slutty pictures… except this one from today…

…but I will! Especially because I’m going to be on set with a couple of pretty girls tomorrow. You may know them, Jessie Rogers and Krissy Lynn? Oh, you do! Yeah… big booty party. That’s what’s up. Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Get it.

  1. mar77xxx says:

    Awesome to hear from ya again sexy. And for all of your fans here, her twitter profile name changed from @remylacroixxx to @remymeow

  2. John Trotta says:

    Hi Remy,

    You are right…Know one can evaluate your decision. It’s just that…Your decision and not something up for evaluation. But I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that you are beloved in the adult fan world. Outside of viewing Adult content I am not associated with the business on any other level. And I’m sure that played a role in your decision. Personally I can tell you that you provided material that far superseded any other Adult Entertainer just in your attitude and demeanor. I think these qualities made your videos far more erotic than most Stars who really just go through the motions with fake orgasms. Coupled with your insane fresh look and the chemistry couldn’t miss.
    For what it’s worth “yes” I will miss you…who knows maybe you will return. Again, that’s your decision and one I will anxiously await.
    On a different note… What is your heritage. You have such a great look. The name reflects French?

    Your Fan Always…No Matter What U Take On

    John Trotta-JT

  3. Darrel Eddings says:

    but you’re breaking up with us. Men don’t handle that well.

  4. gabe says:

    You are completely right Remy.

    PS: What a wonderful woman you are, Remy.

  5. Eric Ford says:

    I love your “new, awesome, slutty picture,” Remy! I hope you’ll continue to update this blog with more pics.

  6. Bill Eisenhood says:

    Remy, Remy, Remy, what can I say. I watch far too much porn, but to see you quitting the business after only what, six months, somehow gets me right where I live. Maybe it’s the hula hoop video (is there a version longer than 40 sec)? But I’m feeling the loss even thought I’ve just learned of it. I so admire your sense of independence and even more your strong sense of adventure. You must be pretty ballsy if your first shoot was a gang bang, no matter how ‘sanitized’ it was. I sit here, recovering from prostate cancer, full of drugs that totally steal my manhood, wishing I had done something outrageous like you did. It’s not fun wishing one had lived life differently, but there it is, goddamnit, and I hate it. I did ok though, from seeding clouds from airplanes in Alaska to a 27-year career in TV weather. I suppose what I am lamenting is that sex, while I did ok, was never the huge thing it was for you. I wish I’d gone to Europe and tried to fuck every beautiful woman I could find for a few years. But no, I got married, and the sex pretty much stopped right there. Beware, dear, it still happens. It’s like the guy says, “I’m sick of all the blowjobs from my GF.” And his friend says, “Just marry her, that’ll solve the problem.”

    I rambled just a little too much there. So you’ll be in my hometown of San Francisco, and I might even try to look you up and say hello. But you probably would rather not, and that’s fine. I understand. I am sorry to see you go, so thanks for the short legacy you left behind. I think you’re the tops, and I wish you the best in your future crazy ideas. Go Niners and Giants!! My kids and I are huge fans… Shall your fans keep an eye on this blog?

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