Business As Usual.

Arghhh it’s been two weeks since I last blogged. *tail between legs* I’ve been so busy, which would make you think I’d have more to tell, but I guess it’s more of a patience thing. Blah, blah, we’re here now.

Anywho! I do have some fun BTS (behind the scenes) pics from a few sets recently. Let’s see, I shot for Sex and Submission with James Deen earlier this month. I just love that guy, totally on the Deenwagon. (He blogged the following picture and told me that post got the most hits out of any other post EVER.)

Then I finally shot with my homie Kristina Rose, and damn that girl is sexy. She is just… so sexy.

What else? Ah yes, Kevin Moore’s tan line series. I don’t know what it was about that day or that vibe, but that was some cumtastic sex. More so than usual. Plus, tan lines are hot. I’m gonna make ’em my “thing”. It’s a POV movie that I highly recommend seeing whenever it’s out.

Got some good stuff coming out here pretty soon. Also, some Kink scenes! Speaking of Kink, yesterday I hung out with my kinky little friend, Penny Pax. We went to Disneyland and it was a dream. We accomplished a lot, and by accomplished I mean we rode tons of rides and we ate churros, corn dogs, a turkey leg… oh, and Disney pickles.

I wasn’t trying to insinuate anything, I was really taking a big bite…

Good times. I’m really going back to bed now. I have an early flight to Oakland to shoot for Sexually Broken tomorrow. I loves me some BDSM. It’s so romantic.

13 thoughts on “Business As Usual.

  1. Glad your Business as Usual is so much Fun!!

  2. mar77xxx says:

    Awesome! Didn’t know you were friends with Penny Pax. She seems like a fun girl, and I’ve tweeted with her back and forth. I’m also a big fan of her’s, and see “big things” (yes she’s seen her share of big cocks too LOL) in her future. Here’s some tweets I sent her:

    • Remy LaCroix says:

      Lol, I believe you’ve Tweeted her. I don’t need proof. She’s a smart little sweetie, I enjoy her company quite a lot.

      • mar77xxx says:

        No problem sexy. Wasn’t trying to “prove it”. Just wanted to share her “sexiness” with others. Everyone reading this blog needs to check out her scene in Praise the Load 7 (which is what the pics I tweeted above are from) too! Speaking of sexy girls covered in cum, I can’t wait to see your scene in Massive Facials 5! I have what I like to call a “Facial Fetish”, meaning nothing turns me on more than a beautiful girl begging for and receiving load after load all her face! That’s why I said to you “Can we marry now” when you said you love facials in “Remy” 😉 XO XO. In fact, I just posted about it at my blog:

    • Jon says:

      I love all ur scenes. Are you going to do some double anal soon?? One of my biggest fantasies, and you are my porn crush. You also seem to be perfectly right to do it too.

  3. flynt fisher says:

    hey remy, i love reading your posts about you having fun. it’s good to see a girl not take life so seriously, and that makes you hot! AND, your choice of reading is sexy as well. gotta love a girl with a brain as well beauty!

    – @cell__fish

  4. johnnybear says:

    I do envy you girl! You get to have all this sexy fun in a safe environment and not have to deal with boys bullshit or drama. Lol. I kinda had an awkward pride. Any tips for enjoying sex without the awkwardness?Going to get your dvd soon. You were sold out already at my local porn store! I will even watch the girl girl scenes, you transcend porn and art! Pickles rule!

  5. MrM says:

    I agree, that tan lines are sexy. I don’t know what it is, but I want to pounce on any girl with tan lines. Also, there are dicks all over your comments. I would imagine this is what is meant by “a bag of dicks” (

  6. jetpacksam says:

    Hello Mistress,
    Hope you had fun in Oakland.
    Signed RGMW

  7. Jameson says:

    Remy –

    Love the new Pix!
    What were your favorites rides at Disneyland & did anyone recognize you?

  8. Simmworks says:

    Don’t worry about the time between posts, Remy. You just handle your business, and us fans (of which I am your #1, BTW) will always be happy.

    So great that you take time to enjoy Disneyland. You impress us with your priorities in order!

    Stay luscious…


  9. Darrel Eddings says:

    Happy Birthday Remy!

  10. mar77xxx says:

    A belated Happy Birthday to you sexy! You seem to be the one giving us “all the gifts” lately though 😉 Speaking of gifts, look what just got released at the Elegant Angel Blog! I posted about it at my blog: Can’t wait for that one!

    Also, I noticed that your Twitter account is down? Was it closed, or did you close it? Send me an e-mail at to let me know.

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