REMY Trailer!

33 thoughts on “REMY Trailer!

  1. Francisco says:

    The Jada Steves scene got me started, but the hula hop part just blew my mind. You look perfect with it and, to add more to it, Lexi Belle looks great as roller girl.
    Loved the trailer (so far, haven’t watched it all, rushed here to say this) and I’m definitely buying the movie day one

  2. Homepage says:

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  3. Gatesleeper says:

    I’ve known about you for some time, thought you were all right but not my favourite. Today I watched this trailer though, and I thought the things you said were so legit I looked to see if you have a blog or something, which brings me here. I read some of your past posts, and I just wanna say that you are the most chill, intelligent, down-to-earth pornstar I’ve encountered.

    If ever I’m talking to people who say pornstars are all either ditzy airheads or psychologically damaged deviants, your name will be my first counter.

  4. mar77xxx says:

    Well done baby! I just posted this at the Elegant Angel Blog, and am going to put it up at twitter as well 😉

    So happy for Remy, and for us the fans for being able to see her express herself sexually for us. I think she’s going to be a star for years to come, and I’m so honored that she and I have had the chance to interact with one another recently through our blogs and twitter.

    I follow hers and she follows mine:

    Here are the comments we both made about this “Remy” trailer and the film’s upcoming release on June 6th:

    Funny how we both mention the word “proud”, but it’s true. I’m proud to be a fan of hers!

  5. Mark (UK) says:

    Nice work. Do we have a release date?

  6. Rick says:

    U r incredible. Ur sexual energy, level of intensity to go along with your absolute comfort and love of all things perverse has me patiently waiting to see you get used in a giant gang bang and the eventual double and maybe triple anal. Your love of getting fucked in the ass makes me assume that is probably already in the works.

    Oh my my Remy, we have so much more to look forward to u giving us. Thank you. : )

  7. hadof says:

    Hey there do you know what song is being used in the trailer?

  8. TheT says:

    Any word on what the two songs in the trailer are? I have been dying to find out.

  9. Simmworks says:


    At last, the trailer for REMY. Just finished (pun definitely intended) watching. One word…


    You’re fabulous.


  10. Jameson says:


    You are absolutely gorgeous !!!

    I love your movies…and WOW your body…good looks and spirit are amazing!

    I live in the Bay Area and can not imagine that you are so close in San Francisco…

    I would be awe struck to run into you…you are the next New Starlet of the year !!!

    Let us know if your are doing any feature dancing in the area, or if fans can meet you!

    Please reply…Jameson

  11. mar77xxx says:

    Remy is now available at Gamelink and AdultDVDEmpire (other retailers as well), so let’s support her. I can’t wait to get my hands on my copy! 😉 Also, the Elegant Angel Blog announced today that Remy is going to be part of the cast in Massive Facials 5! My dreams are “cumming” (LOL sorry) true! She’s now one of the biggest stars in the porn industry, and I’m proud to say I was with her from day one ;). Big Wet Asses 21 should be amazing too (can’t wait for that one either).

    Here’s a direct link to the announcement:

    • Remy LaCroix says:

      Thank you, you are so sweet beyond words! Have you had the chance to watch the movie yet?!

      • mar77xxx says:

        I’ve just started watching the movie, and you’re amazing! I think I enjoy your commentary before each scene as much if not more than the sex (ok I like that too 😉 ). I love how you said what your three best qualities as a girlfriend would be. “I can cook, I take it in the butt, and I’d suck your cock all day long”. If that wasn’t awesome enough, you talked about how you love facials! Wow can we just marry now? LOL XO XO

      • Remy LaCroix says:

        HA! I guess I’m just your kind of girl 😉

    • mar77xxx says:

      Yep. You’re such an awesome girl, and have a fantastic/fun personality. Never change baby. You deserve everything that comes your way. 🙂

  12. JM says:

    I think you thought I was a spammer because you deleted my comment attempting to gauge your interest in acting in an indie horror film. Perhaps you were just uninterested in the project, and if so, no hard feelings whatsoever. But if it’s the former, I assure you I am not a spambot and do think you have the exact look and personality for the lead role in a film I’m currently trying to produce. I apologize for trying to contact you in such a roundabout way, but as I’ve never worked with anyone from the adult industry, I didn’t know how else to get in touch.

    If you’re interested, please contact me at the email I provided to post my comment. The email address is also my name, so you can look me up on IMDB to verify that I’m a real person (minus the “J” middle initial). Prepare to be underwhelmed by my current credits though. I’ve had two scripts optioned so far, but neither has yet been produced, so my page only reflects my first two gigs in the industry. Regardless, I hope to hear from you, and if not, best of luck with your career. You’re adorable and your persona and energy are one of a kind.

  13. Remy Fan 91 says:

    Dear Remy,

    I want to thank you for your passionate and great work you have done in this epic movie. I purchased it on the first release day and it’s great. Especially the Hula Hops Scene blowed my mind. You are so perfect in every aspect of this scene. The viewer can feel that you are truly honest with your interviews and your roles…there is no fake. Thank you for being with us and all the best from a huge fan from Germany!

    PS: DO you know the name of this legendary house music song from the Hula Scene? I can#t get it out of my head 🙂

    Thanks again and all the best!!!

    • Remy LaCroix says:

      Thanks for the feedback, and so positive at that! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

      As for the epic hula hoop song, I can’t remember the name off the top of my head but it’s listed in the credits.

      • Andrey says:

        hula hoop song is “Scoreweaver – Love Me”
        And yeah, it’s a great scene, I love it. Thank you.

  14. JimmyPhox says:

    I just watched your Elegant Angel film Remy LaCroix and I was pleasantly surprised with your refreshing outlook on sex. Getting to know you before each scene truly adds something special to the fucking that follows. The look of total sensual abandon in your eyes clearly shows your love for what you do, and you do it very well. Its the little things that make watching you unique, like you have the loveliest freckle on your right lower back. You also seem to simply love blowing guys after they have been in your ass like you did repeatedly with Lexington. You also seem to genuinely enjoy getting your face coated with cum and in the films final DP scene you do a wonderful job of taking two loads on your pretty face and then what was really awesome was you took the guys dick in your mouth after and coughed up cum on his cock; that little trick should be your trademark as it was the sexiest surprise ending one could hope for. I also dig how you mentioned that you like to ask people what they like instead of what they do. That’s cool. I like to ride bikes. Do you ride a bike?

  15. nineguy919 says:

    Hello Remy

    Even though I wish I could claim that I have followed you since day one, I only recently found out about your entrance into porn. But immediately I have become ensorcelled by your beauty, by your brains, wit and intelligence, and by your booty. I love a petite cutie with a booty. Throw in the fact that you are very intelligent and then top it off with the fact that you love sex (and it shows in every scene). You just maybe the perfect woman in my eyes/for me anyway. As soon as I saw a scene you did on the dogfartnetwork, I haven’t been able to get enough of seeing you. I stumbled upon this site today while googling your name and watched the trailer with my jaw on the ground saying holy crap the entire time. I generally only watch interracial movie (don’t get me wrong I think sex is beautiful in every color, but being a black man I just like to see women enjoying themselves with men similar to myself), but as I am typing this I am ordering this movie now.I don’t own very much porn but now I have pretty much every movie I can find with you doing interracial(Thrilla In Vanilla 10, Prince The Penetrator , and more). But if this movie has 1/3 the intensity, fun, and fire you showed in the trailer this will most likely become my favorite. Ok sorry for the rant disguised as praise but I just had to say something to you.

    Your body is perfect please don’t change it. I love your size, I love your thick thighs, I love your smile, I of course love your eyes, I even love your toes and as a 28 year old proud college educated (masters in Chemical Engineering) black man I LOVE YOUR BOOTY. I wish I had the time to turn my hobby for directing into a career just to get to meet you in person (not creepily just as a huge fan).

  16. Julxrp says:

    I’m nominating you for the “Most Influential Blogger” award

  17. Julxrp says:

    I’m nominating you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

    Congrats. Its well deserved. 🙂

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