Summer < Hula Hoops < Boobies

It’s officially summer! There’s nothing like a good camping trip/music festival in the sun to start it off right. I spent Memorial Day weekend just east of LA at one of my favorite festivals, Lightning in a Bottle. It’s very Burning Man-esque, but much smaller; lots of live painting, electronic music, dancing, HOOPING, and yoga. Basically, it’s heaven… a dirty little heaven where you can take your boobies out and dance around.


Set up the tent, slapped on some pasties and I was ready ;)

Super funky daytime grooves.

Getting down with the get down!


Such a vitamin-D whore!


As much as I love festival life, I certainly don’t want it to last forever. I’m indulging in civilized things now, like showers, sushi, and sleep. Mmm, sleep…


10 thoughts on “Summer < Hula Hoops < Boobies

  1. Snit says:

    What’s amazing-besides your ass-is how few people are looking at you!!WTF!

  2. Co says:

    WOW! you are awesome!

  3. epicurus says:

    Love your hooping. If you took video, you should put it on youtube. Looks like a great time!

  4. Jimmy Jay says:

    Hi Remy! Amazing photos! That´s it, I gotta move to the US right now! What am I missing… By these photos I guess you were one of the main stars of the festival! ;)

  5. jimmy says:

    you’re awesome
    can’t wait to see your new movie

  6. MrM says:

    I just want to go to an event like that. I’ve been trying to go to Burning man for years. Very jealous of you- enjoy yourself.

  7. Mojo says:

    This, along with the mesmerizingly sexy hula shoot from your trailer have totally given me a hula fetish, well, more precisely a Remy & hula fetish :)

    I really do wish you were the girl next door! xx

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