REMY Covers!

I’m super proud of this movie. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started shooting porn, but if something this awesome could happen this fast… damn. Just damn. I am getting the one thing I want from the Beast that is the porn industry, and that is to fully embrace my sexuality. Also, big, big thank yous to my friends who helped me make this: Mason, Roy, Frederic Vanderbilt, Miss Lexi, Miss Jada, Manuel, Erik, Ramon, and Lex… There will always be a special place in my heart for you all.

19 thoughts on “REMY Covers!

  1. mar77xxx says:

    Wow am I excited to see this movie! Your scene with Lexington Steele could be an AVN award winner (anal I assume?), and wow should your DP scene be amazing too. You are one of the hottest girls in porn right now, and myself and others enjoy watching you perform. I’m going to do everything I can to promote you and share my love for your talents with others, including at my blog. I subscribe to yours, and would be honored if you would do the same. I follow you on Twitter and just tweeted about this blog post there to you as well. One last thing. When does this come out? I saw a date of May 27th somewhere, but I’m not sure if that’s official or not? Also is the official title “Remy”? Thanks babe.

    • Remy LaCroix says:

      Hi! I’m glad you’re as excited as I am, and I don’t even watch my own porn! Yes, the scene with Lex was anal 😮 I believe the movie is scheduled for May 25, but I don’t think that is solid. My guess is early June. Oh, and it’s just called “REMY”.

      Thank you for your sweet compliments. Really, you are so kind. And I’m happy knowing you appreciate what I’m putting out there. Give me the link to your blog, and I will gladly follow back.

      • mar77xxx says:

        Here’s direct link to the blog: I’m going to send you a tweet about it as well. Keep up the “hard” work, and I wasn’t aware you were going to be in Big Wet Asses 21 as well! Awesome. Just put something up at my blog promoting Jessie Rogers, and her appearance in that movie. I’m going to add that to the blog post I wrote about you too. Here’s a direct link to that: I’ll keep following u, and feel free to contact me on Twitter anytime:!/mar77xxx I think I found about your cover for “Remy” before you did even. I tweeted you about an hour or so before you tweeted about it. 😉

  2. James says:

    Do you feel you were fully embracing your sexuality before you entered porn? Do you feel you could do the same without porn?

    • Remy LaCroix says:

      I guess I have always embraced my sexuality, but with porn I get to push it further — what with threesomes, gangbangs, massive cock anal sex, etc. I could probably do the same without porn. It just wouldn’t be as easy or as safe. 😉

  3. Peter says:

    How old are you, can we know? 🙂 I would guess 20/21 ?

    You’re quite a performer, congratulations.

  4. Chris says:

    Damn, you look just like an English ballerina I had the hugest crush on in Vegas. (too bad she was married) Thank you Remy for bringing my fantasies of her to life!

  5. johnnybear says:

    Hi Remy,
    New fan, perhaps atypical. I am a gay bear, I enjoy straight porn. Women like you are sexy in an inspirational way, also I like to steal moves. I love dicks not chicks but even i saw this cover and said “oohhh shiny.” Anyway what sneakers are those in the cover exactly? I might adapt that style for a future underbear party. It would appeal to a much smaller niche audience, of course 🙂

    • Remy LaCroix says:

      Haha, I love that, “ooo shiny”! Actually, the sneakers were stolen right off of Mason’s feet, the director. I had the whole get up on with just socks right before the shoot, and she felt it needed an extra touch, so she gave me her shoes! LOL. It’s a great look, especially on sexy men!

  6. oscar says:

    hola remy como estas sos muy bella dime es tu primera escena anal y cuantas veces ya lo hiciste gracias oscar.

    • oskar says:

      hola remy qtal dime cuando sale tu dvd remy covers y que te paresio lewington steele y tambien con quien has filmado en big wet asses 21 si me podrias contar un poco y contestar gracias oscar.

  7. mar77xxx says:

    Guess what just got put up at the Elegant Angel blog? 😉

  8. oskar says:

    hola remy que tal encanto te digo una cosa que estoy mirando todas tus peliculas en los sitos donde actuas me dices cuantas en total ya as echo y que te paresio hacer una escena con lexington steele gracias un beso oscar.

  9. oskar says:

    hola remy que tal es la tercera ves que te escribo y no me contestas ninguno de los mensajes que te he enviado,podrias responderme vos y no un lector cuando te escribo y cuando te pregunto las cosas por favor gracias son tres preguntas ya que te escribi y no me has contestado pero igual insisto a te cuento que ya compre el dvd big wet asses 21 donde sos penetrada por so se quien no me gusto me gusto mas la escena de charley chase y jessie rogers,si me gusto el filme que hiciste con lex en remy covers como te dejo el culo jejeeje buena imagen y dime si te gusto y que planes tienes espero que me conteste ya este mensaje y los otro por favor si y si puedes buscar los demas mensajes que te escribi en remy covers gracias oskar.

  10. Loved the movie. I rented it from my job to check it out cause I was so intrigued by the cover. I love the inbetween interview segments and I have to say its most definitely AVN award worthy for sure you delivered such incredible energy and was so into every scene giving it your all I loved it. The best scene i have to say was the one wear you are wearing the black corset. You and that guy gave so much energy and chemistry i almost thought that you two were an item i mean you both were so into each other it was electric…GREAT MOVIE REMY…5 STARS HANDS DOWN…Oh and that hoola hooping was amazing i was impressed..You are definitely one of my favorite female porn stars right up there with Asa Akira and Jessica Drake and Nyomi Banxxx

  11. Klaas Brander says:

    Hi Remy I think you are the hottest porn star at this time.

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