D’ya Like Dags?

There’s a good reason I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been kidnapped and raped repeatedly, and there was no internet. No, I’m just kidding. (God that’s an awful joke. *knocks on wood*) Do you know where that saying came from, “knock on wood”? Forest people would knock on trees to wake up the fairies that could ward off demons, or so I’m told. For all I know, the guy that told me the story could’ve been lying, but I’ll go with it because it’s kinda cute.

I haven’t written/posted a video yet because I didn’t want to be a total downer. I’ve been dealing with some bullshit roommate problems, still adjusting to LA life, and fiercely trying to maintain a somewhat normal routine. Being away from home for about two months now has put some stress on things… Things like my roommate turning into a jealous cunt. And like me, living out of a hotel and doing my laundry on set. Enough is enough. I’m fucking 23 years old, and I can’t stand to live out of sorts like a child. So I went out and bought myself my first car, and then proceeded to find a room in a gorgeous house for me and my animals! Ha, World — I got you again. See, happy ending.

…And yes that does mean I am moving to LA. I won’t lie and say Los Angeles isn’t growing on me, especially now that I have a car for beach and hiking trips. But it just doesn’t feel like home to me. San Francisco will always be my home no matter where I am. Which is hopefully in San Francisco.

Blah, blah, life story, blah… JAMES DEEN IN MY MOUTH! BAM!

This is how to shut me up when I talk too much.

That’s been my life for the last two months. Completely void of my usual healthy eating habits, exercise, and decent sleep, yet so full of sex and cum on my face. I’m not writing to you now from my personal computer so I’ll have to post some more pictures later. Or you can just look at my Twitter. See how I said “look” at it? I hate it when annoying people beg for followers. And share horoscopes. And toot their own horns. And RT #FFs incessantly. STOP NOW.



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7 thoughts on “D’ya Like Dags?

  1. Gerald says:

    Glad that things are starting to come together for you. You are an awesome performer and from what I read a nice and intelligent young lady! Keep moving Forward. Luv ya 😉

  2. Hun you keep on sexier and sexier and your ass yummie.

  3. Bryan says:

    It was once said that if you give a thousand monkeys a typewriter eventually they would write Hamlet. Online blogging seems to be attempting this experiment. Thankfully this blog is genuinely one of the more interesting and down to earth blogs around, and one of the more eloquently written to boot, keep up the good work! Hope all works out well, just remember; everything happens for a reason. Keep up the good work and enjoy life! B.

    Oh and the pet hates on twitter… Spot on!

  4. Samir says:

    Sweety, why don’t u write a book. U r great at writing. (and fucking too)

  5. moebius22 says:

    Your health (body and mind) is the most important thing. Take care.

  6. militantgod says:

    “Or you can just look at my Twitter. See how I said “look” at it? I hate it when annoying people beg for followers. And share horoscopes.”

    And share horoscopes! Brilliant! Remy, you truly are a godsend.

  7. Wait, what scene are those photos from?

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