My White Booty, and a Side Of Salsa.

I have about a half hour before I get my ass beat. I’m waiting around at the Armory before my Hogtied shoot, so I figured I’d blahg. (Why don’t they call it a blahg!?)

A couple days ago, I went down to San Jose to do a photo shoot with Barrio Girls magazine. They feature naked girls on lowriders, bikes, and Mexican such a such. I found it as a good opportunity to represent white girl booty everywhere! Whooty woot! (Whooty = white girl + booty)

Alfonso creeping in the back... and my precious holes!

The car was cold on the booty!

Its hard to be sexy when you're freezing.

Started to get horny at this point...

Backseat lovin'.

Mmk, yeah back to today… Hogtied. Thursday: Hogtied feature shoot with James Deen and all-star vet, Ava Devine. Next Tuesday: Sex and Submission. Next Thursday: PUBLIC DISGRACE for Donna’s birthday party! I need to dedicate a whole blog to just the mental processes on that one, before and after, haha…

The more pictures I have, the less eloquent I am. I get lazy and just let my pussy do the talking. Just awful.

3 thoughts on “My White Booty, and a Side Of Salsa.

  1. Mr_X says:

    So you were naughty again huh? I saw you already had a meeting with Lorelei Lee @ Kink for some well deserved punishment! 😉

    “The more pictures I have, the less eloquent I am. I get lazy and just let my pussy do the talking.”

    I can live with that!

  2. Bobby says:

    Hey Babe! You are unbelievably freaking sexy!

    You should install a wordpress plugin for your photos so they don’t take you to a different page when clicked….Fancybox for wordpress works pretty good. I think it’s awesome that you even have a blog. I linked here from your twitter. Let me know if you need help installing it….it’s pretty easy, should be in your admin panel 🙂

  3. Bill Eisenhood says:

    Write a fucking book about your porn experience! You are such a talented and witty writer. It would be tough but you will make MILLIONS! When you get home, look into getting yourself a good literary agent (God, I wish I could do it) and explore whatever possibilities there might be. I can see the book cover now, your lovely face and your wonderfully explicit, often shocking prose, which will propel such a book to the top in a month. And you’ll be famous all over the world. Then you can tend to wine tasting snobbery and sautéing your favorite North Beach specialties.

    Remy, it’s beginning to look like I’m some kind of stalking creep, and if it seems like that to you I apologize. Your situation really piqued my interest, but with this latest diatribe I am all through. A good thing to keep in mind when dealing with dorks like me is this: Free advice is almost always worth exactly what you paid for it. I love you sweetie!

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