Le Sigh. In a Good Way.

Ah, I’m home! What a crazy 2 weeks of filming and sexing… Very successful. (Don’t worry, I have pictures for proof of fun.)

I got to make porn with some of the companies I personally admire; Wicked, Reality Kings, Penthouse, New Sensations, Amature Allure, Elegant Angel, Erotic Network… Hot diggity damn. Every set was a fucking hoot. I’ll go in order…

Day 1: Wicked Pictures

Ryan Mclane ❤

Day 2: Reality Kings

Day 3: Elegant Angel

I love the one where I'm getting cummed on.

Day 4: Penthouse

Day 5: Erotic Network

Day 6: New Sensations. This is the only picture I have, albeit creepy.

Day 7: Philly Butt Sluts

And ‘Day 8’ was Amature Allure, and I’ll be getting those pictures in a couple days to share with you.

Have I said how much I love my job?!



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