Wicked Retahded.

Wicked retahded how awesome Wicked is. Nothing puts me in the mood more than good people, food, sex, and money. ALL AT THE SAME TIME THOUGH. Homey, shit’s for real. I’m bragging. We shot scenes for a movie today, “Daddy Does the Babysitter”. Believe it or not, my young ass wasn’t a babysitter. I was the boss’ daughter, “Daddy’s” little fucking whore. The pool guy didn’t show up… so I fucked one of his business associates out of pure boredom. Like a boss.

I failed on the taking of the entertaining pictures today. I know that’s what you’re here for anyway. I didn’t get any good shots of me and handsome dude, or anything really. Well there’s this…

@thelisasloane after she did me in the face


I’ll make it up to you tomorrow, whoever you are. You’re in for a real treat if you like my butthole and all of it’s talents.


3 thoughts on “Wicked Retahded.

  1. Gabriel Lan says:

    lmao!! Very witty =)

    And seriously, who doesn’t like your talented butthole??? Guess I shouls tune in tomorrow…. same bat time, same bat channel???

  2. mikey says:

    I’m addicted in a big way

  3. Ace says:

    Actually, to be honest, I like the non-porn posts. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s obvious why I’m here but a change of pace is nice or even just not seeing the porn side but seeing the person behind the stagename…that’s interesting too.

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