Calm Before the Spermy Storm.

I do this. I’m really good about writing and posting, but sometimes I get incredibly lazy. And even more masturbatory. Since I’ve been home from LA, I’ve been web camming back at Kink Live very successfully. I missed those perverts — they’re just so good to me. And I’m so good to me. In the diddling dept. Here are some fun fan pics from my shows, courtesy of Vince @Tattoofreak87.

Mmm plasticy sheets. It gets MESSY.

I'm really just a fucking brat

Me so hungie.

This is my go-to technique.

That’s what I do… I was supposed to have 3 Kink shoots as soon as I got home, but they have been rescheduled for Feb/March. They really keep you on your toes around the Armory. God love them. I’m leaving for LA tomorrow! Tons of shoots (Reality Kings, Wicked Pics., Elegant Angel, etc.), tons of booty banging.




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