Sexy Shenanigans.

I forgot to get my goddamn nails done before my picture session yesterday. Idiot. I guess there would be something wrong if people were looking at my nails instead of my naked ass, so hopefully they won’t notice. Damn, now you’ll notice.

The pictures came out great and the whole day was fun. Girl #1 took forever in make-up, which allowed me to chill by the pool with the photographer, Steve, and handsome male model, ?, while we drank some beers — my comfort zone, believe it or not. I love this porn stuff, but I’m not trying to be an attention whore diva. Just trying to fuck hot dudes and look good while I’m doing it… And get paid. And perved on. Annnd beaten up a little.

I’m on my way to the valley to shoot for the fucking lovely Miss Francesca Le. I’m pretty sure she’s gonna have her hubby play with my tush. Dopesauce. Even awesomer: I’m giving someone the best blowjob of their life tomorrow then doing a live solo cam show, my favorite. I miss Kink! Can you hear me Armory family?! I miss you! Can’t wait to be back and shooting for them again. I’ve got FM, part 2; a Hogtied feature shoot; and Princess Donna’s Public Disgrace birthday party all in January. Boom! This is all working out for my New Year’s resolution, which is to fuck like crazy.


3 thoughts on “Sexy Shenanigans.

  1. nick says:

    You’re my new favourite! All it took was that one video. You have such a cute face, and lovely big eyes.

  2. Patrick Fic says:

    You should see if Amateur Allure will shoot you. I’d love to see you on that site.

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