Banging My Way Thru 2012.

Before I let 2012 take me on the sexiest ride I’ve ever been on, I’m going to jerk it off right in Vegas for NYE… then I’ll start banging some dudes. Hopefully a lot of dudes. Hot ones, with big charlies.

I’m packing for my Vegas/LA excursion now, three huge suitcases and a little purse, and I’m realizing how many pre-shoot rituals I have already made a habit of. I made for fucking sure to pack my new fluffy robe and slippers for all the yummy soy-based bubble baths I will be taking. (I’m estimating 2-3 per day). I have a whole box of mani-pedi loving, 3 short story compilations for hotel-room entertainment, oh, and a shit ton of weed and blunt wraps. I’ll just get the wine and chocolate when I get there. Annnnd that’s how to keep this little booty happy!

Remember that cute little schoolgirl outfit I showed you? Well here’s part I, of the shoot:

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